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I've had Schott not made in USA, some of their more "non-classical" designs especially but they are usually in China or something.  Never seen Spain and the logo just looks a bit off.  Usually when they do the NYC its N.Y.C.   Schott customer service is usually pretty responsive and could probably help.
 Joe Buck is lost without the Giants in the show this year...he hasn't found his lover yet this year. 
As a Royals fan...we don't even get excited anymore when we're down late, you just come to expect something crazy.  #takingthecrown
 #LetsgoRoyals#takethecrown #batflipthejays
Sargent on the boots MJ
Can't remember the last time I actually posted pics of finds...so some high quality living room floor shots!     Clockwise: AE Grayson, AE Brookwood, Alden, Grayson Shell, Macneil Shell, Frye New, Church's Prima Classe, Donald Pliner       Belvest Super 150s suit *pop*     Back to front: Z Zegna, Zegna, Canali Linen, Hickey Freeman      3 Minty Starters     Camp 7 Vest       Patagonia, Brooks Brothers Toggle, Brooks Stormsystem   Bates...
 I did well with the really tall Olathe Buckaroo type boots, not so well with normal boots.
 You know you're a little obsessed with our hobby when I remember from 8-10 months ago that its called "Les Clefs" and is supposed to have 47 keys on it..looks legit to me.
 Not to be a dick...but you might want to learn how to use the ebay completed listings too...one sold for $25, and its listed again so it either got returned or never paid. for.
The Good...NWT Baldwins for $1.24 (half off day)     The Bad..."Santa Rosa Destroyed" models  
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