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Different items get more or less cleavage...
 I can tell you that I was at a Savers on Saturday, and their work room is pretty open so you can see in.  They had multiple racks labeled things like "mens shirt sale day" "womens jeans sale day" so I know they try to stock up for sale day, but not sure if they do it all night before or during the day.  I was really expecting to see something like "save for after sale day"
Couldn't leave this gem    
Popped this cherry finally...  
Insole worn...all I got is heel and size markings...any idea?    
 Once you reach a point you can't sell them for what you paid, you might as well donate and take the tax writeoff.
 Better man than me, I find those in my size and I'm still selling...I'll buy something I like with 10% of the funds.
The problem with BINOBO is that 95% of the time as a buyer, if I make my first offer what I'm actually realistically wanting to pay, you're going to counter higher and I'm out...so I have to come in lower to try to end up where I want to be.  I have had very few BINOBO were they took what I offered on the first try, human nature is to counter because we all want to win the negotiation.  I wouldn't have considered it a douche move, counter @ 400 and see what he comes back...
Anyone ever seen the "CU" on alden's instead of a model number?  
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