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One stop, all suits, all staple, PPU $15  
 I'll try calling tonight, I wouldn't be shocked if they just never return them but I'm just sick of people abusing the system.  I had a lady last week who complained a pair of sunglasses had a scratch, I offered full refund including shipping both ways, she said a lot of nasty things and refused to return them.  She then left negative feedback and of course I'm just stuck with it because she never technically asked for a partial refund but it's obvious that's what she...
I get an open case for "doesn't seem authentic", no other info.  I respond explaining where the goods came from and their authenticity, and get no reply.    I ask Ebay to step in after 7 days, they close the case within 5 mins in the buyer's favor.  WTF, can I buyer basically claim fake with no proof and scam a return?
Can't find anything like this one   Good or real good?      
 Yeah...I thought the scarf one looked good and they were with some legit Isaia, Charvet, Vuitton i took a chance on the rest
Legit Amish Ties?        
Shell for 10.5A that can probably be had cheap
 Seems like more of a Fubu guy
 You had to pick the heartbreaking piece for me...that St Andrews thrift tag said "3 Pc" there were only pants and coat there...searched high and low for a vest.
 Well its more like 664 pairs...but I've got most listed already.  Not thrift though, a wholesale side hustle.
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