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Couldn't leave this gem    
Popped this cherry finally...  
Insole worn...all I got is heel and size markings...any idea?    
 Once you reach a point you can't sell them for what you paid, you might as well donate and take the tax writeoff.
 Better man than me, I find those in my size and I'm still selling...I'll buy something I like with 10% of the funds.
The problem with BINOBO is that 95% of the time as a buyer, if I make my first offer what I'm actually realistically wanting to pay, you're going to counter higher and I'm out...so I have to come in lower to try to end up where I want to be.  I have had very few BINOBO were they took what I offered on the first try, human nature is to counter because we all want to win the negotiation.  I wouldn't have considered it a douche move, counter @ 400 and see what he comes back...
Anyone ever seen the "CU" on alden's instead of a model number?  
 I'm guessing Hanover
Shoe finds from yesterday   Justin Lizard Boots     Tony Lamas     Vasque Hiking Boots     Dr Martens     Alden       Mephisto Ralyx     AE Maxfield     AE McTavish Black Wax (N/A)     AE Eastport virtually new (N/A)  
New Posts  All Forums: