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Couldn't you fight that with just "not in same condition" and make him keep it?
Opinions please...   Picked up 2 pairs of these, one black one brown, both brand new...for $200 each, taking a chance, am I going to be in trouble?   http://www.thecowboybootstore.com/mens-boots/black-jack-boots/safari-lace-up/black-jack-alligator-tail-safari-lace-up-141-p-5389.html?utm_source=Google&utm_campaign=Shopping%2BEngine%2BFeeds&gclid=CjwKEAjw9-CfBRD8lt_w86zJiDUSJAADZA38U7ZlQznqlwS1Q26mTPlu-C0-uKoVKcV59QkwJIOCqxoCznjw_wcB   On the bright side, they should...
 Small nitpick, G&G is missing an "a" on the shoes page and as a PSA: anyone looking for some "reasonably" priced G&G might do a Ebay search for "Paul stuart UK shoes"
AE Sanford Shells (n/a)   Before     After  
Yes shell, Ravello color
Anyone with a loud dinner/smoking jacket in about a 43/44L get at me, the more colorful the better
He either does this regularly or has about 10 different places to take pictures from what i can see in his other items.
Yes on Footjoy, I've seen snakeskin, a lot of lizard, I even had a nice pair of Alligator loafers from them a couple months ago.
Must be about that time to cover the world in tweed...
 I think thats the one from some Urban Outfitters brand
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