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 Hope they fit, Sea Turtle is hard to sell...
I think you should have included "Dr. Scholls" in the title somewhere
 I had a couple stolen off my porch, sender was off the hook, I turned them in and got paid (max of $100 a package) 
Isn't that Chester Barrie Tags?
 They're basically brand new, insole, leather etc...they only thing I could think of is if someone bought them and wanted a rubber heel and had it put on new.  Trying to get a better picture of the markings to help out.
Anyone ever seen Crockett Jones with a rubber vibram sole?  Got a pair of "Made in England" with markings similar to C&J including "348" which is a C&J last...but the vibram heel is throwing me off...they are made for a different company.   Thanks
 Now you got me dreaming of shell...lol.  Had a pair of AE Cambridge in Walnut and some Walnut Sanfords that were both gorgeous too.  My wife thinks I have a problem with shell, I'm happy to buy shell (not even my size), polish the crap out of it and make $20 reselling just cause I enjoy bringing them back to life.
 I'd proudly wear any of the vintage Hanover or Florsheim shells.  I like the Alden's but I think the prettiest pair of shell I ever had was a pair of Hanover LB Sheppards that were vintage NIB.  Gorgeous shoes.
 What size you need, I see Florsheims on Ebay all the time for around $50, sometimes even better than that...and I've usually got 3-4 pairs of unmarked shell on my watch list that aren't always worth a flip but would be good price for personal use.
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