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I'd just like to say...buying off ebay doesn't equal e-thrift and basted pockets doesn't equal NWOT.   Thank you for your time.
That looks sport coatable to me
 Just got mine a card with a gift card in it, had a couple packages jacked off the porch and when I called the PO, found out they knew my address as soon as I told them who I was which was a bit amazing in a town of 25K, didn't realize I was that big time lol.  She's been more than helpful to do anything I want to help with packages not getting stolen and is in a cheerful mood.
Quick Question-Package gets delivered and then stolen off your front porch, are those pretty easy cases to win?  Had 2 stolen in 2 days, filed claims and am having all packages held now but just wondered how hard it was to collect?   Thanks
 Yep, I didn't even recognize your user or address until I saw you posted it and I went back to the transaction and figured that had to be you.
 That suit looks strangely familiar....Britches?
Look like Calzoleria Harris
 Lucky guess...stay off my suit! lol
 That answer alone is persuading me to hit buy as soon as the seller answers my question.  
What does one wear with a full blackwatch suit?
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