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 I use the clear sticky envelopes for everything, even domestic...no need for sticky labels, no need to tape paper labels
One shell shoe
Looks like Isaia 7 Fold label
 Not bad, try slowing your shutter speed down a couple notches and see if that brightens it up just a bit.
I just want to see brags, not every last Brooks Brothers tie you picked up...I'm sure I'm not the only one who passes up dozens every time out
 I'd pass on all
Yes, get to brushing
  I'm saving my thrift funds for this...i think 1.5M would buy it  http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/19224-Highway-Y_Sedalia_MO_65301_M84550-82051?row=1&ex=MO583412759 If Spoo can thrift a ferrari, I can thrift a castle!!
If it's Schott, which I don't think it is, there should be a model tag in the little tiny pocket in the front left.  Will have the size and the model number, but I've never seen Schott with those kinds of zippers.
Anyone ever seen dsquared with this kind of writing?  Can't tell if its real or some sad fake.   Thanks    
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