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 I keep trying to get fired from my real job so I have an excuse to do it full time
I'd buy that in a heartbeat even at $50
 Basically as long as you have under 1M on  your 1099 from paypal, you can just report here's what I spent, here's what I sold and ignore your inventory.  That's how I've always done it in the past, the problem I ran into this year was that I've branched out into selling display model sunglasses and while I could have still done it that way, I had 24k in inventory and it would have been a tax break this year and a tax nightmare next year so I chose to report inventory...
 Really slow to process.
 You're going to lose that case every time, I can't stand people who do search manipulation.
Good possibility EG, they had an old 69 Last that I think they have retired.
 my bad...
@MJMcRibb 99% sure Alden
 Do it, 100 decent ones will fetch $200 and you're good with 200 still there.
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