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While I know E-thrifting is frowned upon by some in this establishment, when you live in the middle of nowhere somtimes its the best you can do so I thought I would share the last week.   AE Polo Shells       Rare AE Polo Brown with Kudu Antelope     RLPL by G&G Monks     AE Cambridge Black Shell     AE Fairgate Black Shell  
 That seems to be the case, they finally got scanned about midnight.  I'm going to try to figure out some way to conceal packages on my front porch from now on.
Anyone ever scheduled a pickup and had packages stolen off your porch?  I didn't get my normal package pickup complete email, nor have they been scanned.  Not to mention I saw a shady character walk by when i was home for lunch.     I'm guessing if it did happen, my recourse is that I'm just out the money for whatever was on the porch?
And i couldn't resist a followup to this seller, getting into the act with the titles now as well  
I'm contemplating if I can thrift and list before I get it home even  
And poor fakes at that...
How to deal with this issue...Sold things that ended last sunday, buyers took a day or two to pay, 2 returns initiated Friday, neither shows as shipping yet....   I leave on vacation on Saturday for a week, and I usually have the post office hold my mail for the week, am I ok not to initiate a refund if they are not here this week and wait until I'm back another week and get all my mail?
Different items get more or less cleavage...
 I can tell you that I was at a Savers on Saturday, and their work room is pretty open so you can see in.  They had multiple racks labeled things like "mens shirt sale day" "womens jeans sale day" so I know they try to stock up for sale day, but not sure if they do it all night before or during the day.  I was really expecting to see something like "save for after sale day"
Couldn't leave this gem    
New Posts  All Forums: