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Long time lurker here. Some killer hauls lately. All I managed to find recently was a pair of Asics wrestling shoes for 5 bucks; they are perfect for Krav Maga class though, so I grabbed them.
I am 6'4", my Mother was about 5"5", and my Father 5'10". Curiously, my sister and brother are both 6 feet tall.
Found a Canada Goose parka at the local Amvets. $5.99. Does not fit me, but fits my 14 year old son perfectly.
What about those of us who lurk just to check out the amazing finds, and do not hound, e-mail, PM anyone? I come here every day just to see what people find. I do not ask where anyone finds there stuff, nor would I. I also do not begrudge anyone selling,or trying to sell their items at what they think is a fair price, nor do I condemn anyone for trying to get a deal. Everyone knows what the approximate prices paid for the items are, so it is up to the buyer and seller to...
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