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So how do I post a topic then?   Cheers.
Hi. Is there some kind of waiting period to become active on here.....?
Hi.   I'm just trying to post an ad in the classifieds section but can't see the 'new topic' button. Am I missing something?   Thanks.
Yeah, well people are gonna complain when it hits them personally. I had timeline dumped on me about 3 weeks ago. I didn't bitch about it before that because I didn't have it. Yeah, we should just forget about the travesty that was the Gore/Bush election. In fact if it's happened already, lets just forget about everything. You sir, are an idiot.
  Ummm, this thread is about things that piss us off, and Timeline pisses me off. I'm not gonna just sit here & pretend I like it. I can't change things, but that doesn't mean I have to like them.
Timeline. George Galloway. My little finger.
I'm Mike. Just signed up, wondering who's out there from the UK?   I used to be a 247 jeans guy but as I've got a little older I've really started to appreciate a good pair of utilitarian cargos. Lots of pockets for ipods, phones etc. I still wear tshirts all year round - they are my one true love. Being in the graphics game I've designed quite a few over the years too.   Feel free to say Hi.  
I'm a big fan. If I had the cash I'd replace most of my other casual shoes with the full range of Peu Ramblas - the canvas ones. Well comfy. Campers also hold their value pretty well so if you keep them in good condition, you can ebay them if you get bored with a pair.   I also love the elastic laces but struggled to get hold of any replacements here in the UK so I had some made. I'm selling the excess pairs if anyone wants to PM me. I'm new so I can't link an ad...
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