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Thank you for your suggestions,gentlemen. I appreciate your help.
Try has a great selection of high end watches,at significant savings. You can also search by price range,brand name,type of bracelet, save time(no pun intended).
Most Stylish Comedies,huh? Okay,here goes: -Movies with Cary Grant (Bringing Up Baby,Father Goose,His Girl Friday,etc) -Any James Bond movie(not technically comedy,but light fare) -Movies starring the Rat Pack(the original Ocean's 11) -Thomas Crown Affair(original or remake.Again,not a comedy per se,but fun to watch) -Pulp Fiction(darker,but still very funny.Remember the dance contest in the diner?) -What Women Want(Mel Gibson,& some great Sinatra tunes) That'll get you...
A European size 50 is equivalent to a US size 40;likewise, a European size 52 is equivalent to a US size 42.Which size best fits you depends on the fit of the sweater.Is it oversized, or is it more tapered to the body?
Thanks J. Very informative link.
Thank you for your feedback gentlemen. J, I let me know if you find the website.Thanks.
I agree. Wearing a nicer dress shirt,with the benefit of a button down placket on the sleeve,looks sloppyunbuttoned,and defeats the purpose of the detailing in the first place.
If I remember correctly,the rationale behind wearing the wrist watch on the non-dominant side was to prevent possible damage to the watch,by moving the watch to the arm less used. Less chance to hit the watch against something as you used the dominant hand.
I have recently added some exotic leather shoes to my collection,and,of course,would like to take proper care of them so that they last. Can anyone recommend specific exotic leather (e.g alligator,lizard,ostrich) care products to use?
Gentlemen,I need your help. Some time ago,I purchased a two-toned oxblood/light red racer-style motorcycle jacket from Kenneth Cole; an impulse buy I now regret. The first time I wore the jacket out,one of my guy friends joked that I looked like Michael Jackson.I haven't worn it since.It was a relatively expensive purchase,and I'd like to be able to get some use out of it. I was originally drawn to both the style and the color of the jacket;now I feel like I need to find a...
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