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Great suggestions gentlemen. Thank you very much.
Gentlemen, I have decided to upgrade the dress shirts in my closet.Having made a conscious attempt to buy high quality suits,ties,and shoes,it is,belatedly,time to add finer shirts.Though I wish that I could afford bespoke,that is not an option.Pricier makers like Ascot Chang are also likely beyond my budget. What would you suggest as a more moderately priced, good value in a men's dress shirt? Thank you in advance for your responses.
1.George Clooney-Great looking man with a sense of humor about himself. 2.Mel Gibson-A man's man.Rugged and funny. 3.Pierce Brosnan-Destined to play Bond,since Remington Steele. 4.Sean Connery-The original-and best-Bond.I want to look as good as he when I reach his age. 5.Samuel L.Jackson-What presence. I MUST have the Armani leather coat he wore in Shaft.
Steve, Those pointed toe boots are referred to as a "J" toe, or a narrow toe.As opposed to an "R" toe,or rounded/medium toed boot. Ropers are more round,both across the top of the foot,and around the circumference of the vamp of the boot.
Great choices guys. It's nice to see that,though fashion changes from season to season, style endures.
Role models are important. We learn from their example while we form our own sense of what's right.So.... Who are your Style Icons? -They can be FICTIONAL characters (e.g. Richard Gere's character in "American Gigolo",Gordon Gecko,Danny Ocean)                              -or- -Anyone else,living or dead (e.g. Cary Grant,Frank Sinatra,Leon Hall-just kidding)
Greg, The kind of watch depends on several things: -How much you're willing to spend -What style of watch(sport,chronograph,dress) -What kind of bezel:stainless steel,gold,titanium,etc. -What kind of bracelet:steel,gold,leather -What kind of movement:quartz,automatic That said,here are a few classics: -Cartier Classic Tank- a timeless dress watch.White dial,roman numeral hour indicators,black leather strap. -Omega Seamaster-great combination of sporty and stylish -Rolex...
By candy stripeddo you mean thick pinstripes,or brightly colored pinstripes? Will you be wearing a tie and sportcoat with this shirt to go to dinner and the lounge,or wearing it open collared? Depending on the color of the pinstripes,you could coordinate a necktie with it,and frame it all nicely with a dark colored jacket and slacks.Or wear the shirt open-collared with a nice pair of jeans. Whether the shirt ends up in the "Lapses in Judgement" section in GQ...
Excellent suggestions gentlemen. I know that choosing only 5 is difficult; I wanted to challenge the forum to really pick only the most quintessential items. We're beginning to see a consensus: -In no particular order: a) A nice watch b) Well polished dress shoes,with quality socks c) Dark colored knit sweater(polo or mock) d) Dark colored suit-well tailored                    and e)Black leather jacket -Special mention to: Confidence,Good Hair...
Gentlemen, Inspired by an article I read not long ago,I thought it would be fun to discuss what 5 items you believe every stylish man should have? . Thank you in advance for your responses.
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