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Have you considered buying extra long ties? If you're going to use a Full Windsor knot,a longer tie might solve not being able to thread the tie after knotting. Another option is to use a tiepin or tiebar to secure the shorter end to the tie,so that it doesn't swing free and look sloppy.Some people avoid tiepins because they can leave a mark when penetrating the front part of the necktie.In that case,a tiebar may be a better choice.
I too like pointed toe shoes,though I have trouble finding the right fit sometimes,because I have wide feet. Like any extreme in fashion,keep in mind that this style is probably fleeting,and not as practical as a more rounded toe shoe. But as an alternative to wear when going out,"cockroach killer" shoes,or ankle boots are a lot of fun,and you will get noticed.
I own 2 Andrew Marc coats (a 5 button car coat,and a DB Peacoat style) and have been very satisfied with the quality. A Nordstrom sales assoc.told me that Andrew Marc does use different grades of leather,with the "Andrew Marc New York" line being the best. If you're balking at the cost,you might try Nordstrom Rack off-season;depending on the style you're looking for,you could find a nice coat for $250-300.
Dre, I'll try to describe how to tie a "Shelby" knot: a)Flip the tie over,so that the underside is facing outward. b)Adjust the length of the Thin end as you ordinarily would,approximately 1' shorter than the Wide end. c)Cross the Wide end under the Thin end,to form an "x". d)Bring the Wider end across and over the Thin end. e)Continue by bringing the Wide end under & through the "v" opening at the top.This forms the "triangle" I wrote about. f)Thread the Wide end...
I use what I was told is called a "Shelby" knot on my neckties. It creates a consistent,inverted triangle shaped knot,which looks sharp with either a button down,or pointed collar shirt(I don't wear spread collared shirts;not as flattering with my rounder face),and a reliable dimple. It's notable,if only because tieing it involves starting with the necktie reversed,with the back of the tie facing outward.
Thank you for your suggestions.DNR was suggested by a sales assoc. at a trendy place that I shop at occasionally;I'll see if I can get my hands on a copy.I'll also check out the websites you've mentioned.Mags like Arena Homme are fine for collections,but I'm looking for info on the business end. A lot of creative energy goes into designing and manufacturing fine menswear. Yet,it's also a business,supported by financiers,shareholders,and tied to profit & loss.We enjoy...
Good Day,Gentlemen. As a member of the StyleForum for the past few months,I have been very impressed with the breadth of knowledge about the men's fashion industry posted here;not only seasonal styles,but suppliers,which house is owned by whom,etc. Could you please recommend books,trade publications,or websites dedicated to men's style/fashion where one could learn more about the industry(i.e. something like "W",but for men)? Also,history,prominent menswear...
I don't have a solution to preventing your wrinkled dress shirt problem either.However,you might try the old "hanging your shirts in the bathroom when you shower" trick,to help steam the wrinkles out after you unpack;it might save you some time ironing.
I must agree with the other gentlemen: regardless of whether the jacket is on sale or not,who's label is on it,and how fashionable it may look now,YOU are the only one who knows if you'll truly enjoy the jacket. My criterion for buying anything marginally impulsive is this: will I still be wearing it 6 mos. to a year from now (i.e.Am I getting swept up in a fad,or is this something more classic)? The more expensive the item,the more I need to see the piece as a future...
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