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GQ Geek, Thank you for the in-depth info on cashmere. As a younger man,I was given a beautiful dark teal w/gray trim v-neck cashmere sweater;softest one I'd ever owned. Alas,I outgrew it. With any luck,I'll be able to find a replacement that isn't too extraordinarily expensive.
Thank you gentlemen,for all of your advice. I look forward to a rewarding hunt. RCCH
Good Afternoon Gentlemen, It's begun to get chilly,so I've decided to add a quality cashmere sweater to my wardrobe. A Few Questions: -Could you please recommend labels to look for? I'm familiar with Loro Piana,but other suggestions would be appreciated. -How do I distinguish good quality cashmere? -Lastly,can you recommend any websites where I might find the best value in a cashmere sweater? Thank you in advance for your help. RCCH
Quote: Bottom line, buy a watch on price and looks, unless you're timing race cars or sprinters, in which case, you need something more accurate than a wristwatch. Much of the difference in price among quality timepieces is,besides the marquee,the craftsmanship that went into building the movement,plus whether the case and bezel are made of precious metals. Omega is known for being one of the world's greatest producers of COSC certified...
What difference,if any,is there between Brioni,and other brands like Kiton or Oxxford? I noticed in the latest issue of the Robb Report ("Best of the Best"),Oxxford was ranked #1,with Kiton getting an honorable mention. Because Brioni,Kiton,and Oxxford all are hand sewn,are the distinctions mostly aesthetic?
I am probably in the minority,but I really like wingtips. I recently purchased a great pair of Florsheim Imperials(New Old Stock) on eBay at a fantastic reduced price. Made back when Florsheim still made quality dress shoes.Heck,I even own a pair of Spectators,and have been waiting for Memorial Day to pass so I could properly strut them out. Some may dismiss them as "old men's shoes",the kind your Grandpa wore;heavy,with thick soles,but I disagree. I remember having to...
I actually own both shoes and boots in Stingray,and they're both remarkably comfortable-they were lined in soft leather(calfskin,I think).One concern is,since Stingray is so tough,it's much more difficult to work with,and some pieces appear to have been glued(securely)on,rather than sewn.Thus,it remains to be seen how durable they'll be over the long term. Nothing like the finish of Stingray,though;a texture unlike anything else I've seen.
pstoller, You are not the only "strange" one who enjoys exotic leather cowboy boots.I posted a question a while back about exotic skin boot care that,unfortunately,didn't get much response. I own pairs in full alligator & lizard,and recently bought a pair of full python boots.I certainly aint no cowboy,but I've loved cowboy boots since I was a kid. If wearing them makes me look like a "hick" or a fashion victim in some peoples' eyes,too f-cking bad. If you're still...
My taste in neckties ranges from bold and colorful (Vitaliano Pancaldi),to more conservatively patterned,but nonetheless stunning (Ermenegildo Zegna and Robert Talbot Best Of Class & Seven-Fold ties),depending on the occasion,and my mood.
Gentlemen, I have decided to add a good quality trenchcoat to my wardrobe(I live in Seattle-they come in handy).After spending a substantial amount on nice suits,I want to buy an equally nice coat to cover them in inclimate weather. I'd appreciate any suggestions-including websites,if available-for the best value in a trenchcoat. Thank you in advance for your help. RCCH
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