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Gentlemen, Here's wishing you Happy Holidays.. Health and Happiness, Mitch
I am a native Pacific NWsterner,born in Portland,Oregon,and currently living in Seattle,Washington. Also spent 6 & 1/2 of my formative years in the midwest--St.Louis,Missouri. The gray NW Autumns and Winters are quite conducive to spending time inside,thumbing through L'Uomo Vogue or the like,fantasizing about pieces I wish I could afford,and talking with friends over espresso (yes,we do like our java in Seattle. Looking for a coffee shop? Throw a rock). A few nice men's...
thc,Renwick , Thank you for your suggestions.
While we're on this subject, I was wondering if anyone could recommend hair care products for someone with fine hair. Because my hair is also somewhat thin,I keep my hair trimmed fairly short. I've been using gel,but have heard  "that's SO 80's." Plus,while gel gives me the hold I want,it also weighs it down. I'd like to find something to help "texturize" it,so that I have more styling options. Thank you for your help.   Mitch
Gentlemen, Given the massive consolidation of designer houses,and the consequent pressure for profitability-as demonstated by the increasing number of diffusion lines,with varying degrees of craftsmanship-there seems to be a lack of truly exciting,innovative,and well made menswear these days. However,I don't have near the knowledge of menswear that many of you do. What do you think? ?   Which designers best exemplify the combination of both vision and manufacture to...
Mike C., Excellent advice from PStoller. Additionally: 1) Get shipping fees online from:    or   or 2)Unique selling points Is the jacket vintage? From a famous designer? An unusual style or type of leather(e.g. horsehide)? 3)Format your auction to maximize interest     Remember,you want potential bidders to click on YOUR auction. --Use a catchy Item Description,utilizing CAPS,Exclamation points. You can...
Happy B'Day Steve B. Hope that you treat yourself to something/someone special.
Steve B, Thank you for your help. You are quite the resource. RCCH
Steve B, Thank you for your suggestion. I am planning to check out both Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack,in lieu of Off 5th etc. I'm looking for a black v-neck sweater. Probably 2-ply.
Well,well. This has been quite the lively discussion. Thank you all again for your opinions. Any recommendations on retail outlets/websites where I might find the best prices on quality cashmere? RCCH
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