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I posted last week, but didn't get any feedback here. Should I keep the white MOP buttons or switch them out? Was thinking smoke mop, or maybe tan horn?Thanks!!^ Edit: also wanna be able to wear the jacket as a blazer.
I think you're good!
Westside Paso is oaks interspersed with vineyards … east side reminds me of the matrix, but with vines instead of people ie… mass production.
Been to Paso many times, great area, definitely go if you get a chance! Haven't been to Caparone, but I'll check it out! Thanks!
Ha! Thanks! Yes there is indeed a wine ghetto. Conveniently located behind the world famous Home Depot in Lompoc, CA:Lompoc Wine GhettoThere's also a Pinot Prison … I know the warden
Here's a x-post from a while back … great book if you wanna geek out on clothes care:
I use the Kent CC20. Brush thoroughly after each wear. Maybe a quick touch up before if needed. Brush up & down with short quick strokes. Inside collar, lapel. Outside all over, under the lapels/collar, pocket flaps. Don't forget to do trousers as well.
New saddle trainers in the Lompoc Wine Ghetto.
Thanks CanadaCal! I like the tan horn idea … looking to keep it kinda BlazerSuit™ style. I'm thinking brown might look too serious, but with the patch pockets maybe not.@FrankCowperwood, the white mop buttons on this are growing on me, but the wife thinks I look like Thurston Howell 3.0 . If I didn't already have a SB navy linen suit with white mop buttons, Lovey would have been overrulled
Speaking of travel, I'd love to have been able to bring along a Doyle-like travel jacket with "anti-theft" features … flap pockets with buttons and a zippered inside pocket. I bought a safari-styled SC for this purpose, but a EPLA travel jacket would've been awesome!
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