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IMO, it's a great collar. I haven't a problem with the fused collars, I like them as well. I've been less happy with the soft president spread, but it could just be the fabric … the striped cotton-linen is so soft and light the collar had no structure. It would collapse and wrinkle around the neck … and the points would get tweaked when wearing a jacket. I think a sturdier fabric would be better for it.
Here's the white chambray - stiff president spread with a tie … I think the second one might be the Roma, can't tell and don't remember which one I wore that night.^ Edit: yeah, the second pic is the Roma.It's the stiff one.
I recently got two Stiff President Spread Collars … white and blue chambray. I have the regular president spread in a cotton linen and it was real floppy … I like new one a lot. Here's a couple pics of the Albini Chambray …
Like Noodles, I used the clamp system, but ran outta room. I switched to trolleys and use the clamp hangers to help de-wrinkle what I wore the previous day or two.Here's a pic from a while back …
@Kent Wang … last year I got a couple pair of the Linen OTC and they are some of my favorite socks … cool, breathable and they stay up. I totally get that they're not everyone's cup of tea, but FWIW, I would have gotten a few more this year if they were OTC. The cream is my favorite and seems to go with a lot of my summer trousers. I could use some gray, mocha, blue and navy OTC linen.
I'm with you! I would have loved to, but I had to limit my shoe wardrobe to walking shoes. These are Alden flex loafers. They're super comfy
I think it's a bit more than 13. The swatch I got had 380 gms written on the card. It's #60149.
X-post from WAYWT…Thanks to all for steering me to the W.Bill linen!! I think it turned out great! Cheers!!!
This question pops up here regularly. Typically I do … others do, others don't. I really like BB's but they are a bit big for me. I've tried Uniqlo, but the quality is just okay. Nice high armholes though. IIRC, Hanes got the most recs here for those who wear them.
Thanks Gents! Indeed a great public service! Now, I think I need that rust stripe tie from NMWA!
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