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Thanks Mike! You've sold me on the pearl grey! The stock size 30 sold out since yesterday, so went MTO … just my luck I guess I also got the Navy Flannel. Other than the nightshade, I don't have any wool odd pants in navy so I'm excited for these as well! Cheers!
Per Mike's suggestion, I'm looking at the Pearl Gray Flannel, but I already have a lt gray VBC 120 Flannel, lt gray nailhead (summer weight), dove gray hop sack, and recently purchased the pale gray hop sack. Do I need the Pearl gray or am I covered with the VBC flannel? Any thoughts? The description says, "it's the color I've been missing all these years"
I got another brand's version over the summer. I wish I knew EP had these waiting in the wings. I held off on tailoring them for a while, then as soon as I got them back … BOOM … they were added to the MTO section The fabric is awesome! And an MTO with side-tabs would be killer! I haven't rocked them yet, but I've got some pretty cool pairings in mind.
Hey Mike/fellas! It looks like I missed out on the camel tweed MTO Walts. Any suggestions for trousers to go with the FF olive windowpane and the blue marl? Also, I picked up a few EP sport coats this summer in the marketplace and eBay … one of which was the baby camel hair. Any suggestions on that one as well? Thinking olive herringbone flannel or the olive tweed. Would the mocha flannel be an option? Thanks so much!!
I didn't measure it, but the shoulder didn't seem to change much if at all. The armhole raised a bit, which was great, and made the fit way more comfortable … I felt a bit restricted when I moved my arms before "the procedure". Overall, even with the factory bumping the order and the failed enzyme wash … I'm pretty happy. If Mike ignored the issues and wasn't as open about them, or hadn't offered a fix, I would probably feel pretty let down and yelling "DOYLE—GATE™"! I...
I performed the Chambray Doyle Nuclear Option™ last night and had good results. The fit improved considerably, and the seams look intact for the most part. It's not a big deal to me, but the fabric edges inside the pockets on mine were unfinished. The nuke procedure frayed them like crazy and looks pretty messy. Again this is inside the pockets, so just a little haircut is needed to clean them up, but I wasn't expecting that to happen.
For the Chambray Doyle Nuke, do you use detergent or just hot water?
You're not alone neutrino … hoping ours will be coming shortly.
^ Apologies for the camera angle… EP Carmina Hawthorne's & my new Snuff Suede Belt … together at last!
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