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You're not alone neutrino … hoping ours will be coming shortly.
^ Apologies for the camera angle… EP Carmina Hawthorne's & my new Snuff Suede Belt … together at last!
Butterscotch & Whiskey… SF Family: Epaulet Butterscotch Linen Walts Howard Yount Socks
Butterscotch & Whiskey…
Thanks Mike! I picked up the last pair of the Size 31 Pale Grey Hopsack
Hey Mike! Thanks for the response! A few pages back you mentioned a restock on the Pale Gray Hopsack and just wanted to confirm … I need a 30. Also, is this available for a custom order? I'm really liking the side-tabs, but it's not a deal breaker. Thanks again!
Hey Mike, how does the Pale Gray Hopsack differ from the Dove Gray Hopsack? I got the Dove Gray last year and it's great but kinda flat looking. I'd like to get a slightly different shade or texture with maybe a bit of sheen. Also, I'm looking for at least one new pair of FW trousers to pair with the Danube Blue Marl FF and the Olive Windowpane. I'm thinking charcoal flannel & camel tweed, but I'd appreciate any recs you may have? Thanks!!!
This maybe common knowledge, but here's a tip regarding shirt sleeve length on button cuffs … Sometimes just moving the button is all that's needed to dial in the length. Adjust the opening (+/-) so it stops at the desired point along the wrist.
Hey Mike! I'm looking for a dark dress trouser in a summer weight for the Med cruise I'm taking next year. Something that would look pretty dressy with a whiteish linen SC and black Captoes. Thinking about the midnight 130 wool MTO or the black khyber cloth. I wore the mid-grey merino with a yellow SC I posted a week or so ago, but think something darker would have been better there as well. Any advice?
Thanks for the replies fellas! And congrats to those who kopped!! The prices are really too good to pass up, but I'm still on the fence … argghhh! Maybe the decision will be made for me on the way home :P
New Posts  All Forums: