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Will do! I was thinking that chambray would be a good option. I like the Milano II, but might be too much collar for me … but I did read that a larger collar is good for small shoulders and larger heads, which I think is me in a nutshell Hey Tweedy! Yeah, I tried the collar stays the second time around, but the collar part compressed to the point where it looked funky. Unfortunately, proper cloth doesn't have the level of customization to allow for just soft points. I...
Hi Guys! Looking at getting a Copley last flex loafer. Anyone size down on that or is TTS the best option? I'm a 8.5D in Barrie, TB. 9D in plaza, hampton. 8.5D Van LHS is a bit loose, but a fairly good fit. Thanks!!!
I saw something about that while looking online, but don't remember where. I don't know much about about it, but I think I'm limited to what ever KW or EP has. My trip is in early June, so not a whole lotta time. I wanted to ask you about your proper cloth purchase. What collar did you choose? Also, do you think that chambray be good for temps in the 80's and a bit humid?Thanks Murls!Edit: Ah, it was at NMWA. Just looked at it this morning too, I'm getting old.
Thanks again! Stitchy, your comment made the purchase a no-brainer. YOU ROCK! So, I'm sold on this type of suit for my trip. I still need to acquire it and find a suitable pair of shoes. I was dissecting Mr. Akamine's fit, and noticed he is wearing a type of slip-on. Can anyone identify the maker or recommend something similar? They look comfy…For the suit, I've got feelers out to Epaulet (my best fitting jacket & trousers) and Kent Wang. For OTR, I tried SuitSupply,...
I've been wondering what the thoughts here are on soft and fused collars. My only experience with a soft collar is with Proper Cloth's Soft President Collar. I thought that a soft collar would be great for a bit more casual look with a tie, but to me it's looking shapeless. Sans tie, the collar gets lost under the lapels when wearing a jacket. Is there any consensus on the love/hate of soft collars?
I just ordered the green-white stripe Vanda tie in 3.5" x 53". All the Hober's I've ordered are 3.5" and I think I like the width, but what are the considerations for going a quarter inch smaller.
Will do! I'm sold! Thanks! I'm excited they do custom length too!!
Thanks everyone! Stitchy, are you referring to the blue with the green stripe? I had a bit of sticker shock when I added them to my cart, so I might have to settle for one.
I wanna buy a summer tie or two from Vanda for a med cruise in June. Was thinking about a cream/light-tan SB suit as one option, maybe another cream in a DB or a Blue for another, with an assortment of odd trousers. Something like this… Which two ties would you pick? Thanks! And Noodles, love the Formosa's … they're feeling neglected and wanna be worn.
Just wondering why I can't see any of Noodles photos. Is it just me?EDIT: weird, they show up when I quoted the post :P
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