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For me, marketing copy goes a long way when deciding to bite the bullet on a new pair … [[SPOILER]] Pretty much hits on all my questions.
I think KW's rise is an inch or two lower than EP Walts, but it looked good to me with the whole suit. I think the ones Claghorn has are the new RTW fit … not sure that if those have a higher rise or not. I love the higher rise on the Walts and would hope for something similar from KW. HY's USA cut has a higher rise as well, at least on me … those fit a bit big, so I usually wear them high and have the waist taken in.
I'd love to see more Kent Wang RTW trousers. I've bought dozens from HY and the same or more from Epaulet. Currently, I need some linen, cotton and lightweight textured wools. Besides quality, the great thing about HY and EP has been the selection. More choices than my wallet can handle. EP's gone more to the MTO route with many fabrics … and RTW having a limited fabric offering, but more fits. I'll add that I love side-tabs! I might have been more tempted by the KW...
^ +1. I also think the high angle of the images and mirror distortion are exaggerating the lapels. A few pages back I posted some pics of me in the 34R. I'm 5'5" or so, and even a smaller build. I had considered going to the wider lapel, but Kent rightly suggested I stick with the standard lapel.
Can't remember … when are the new Doyle's coming? End of May?
You are welcome! I particularly like the look of the 4x2. Maybe that's next for me
Take a look at these…Spring 2013 LookbookFall/Winter 2014 lookbook
Here's a few of the images I've been collecting for inspiration. Perhaps they'd be useful to you …Cheers! [[SPOILER]]
Not Brioni level, but J. Peterman is having their "First Annual Across the Board Sale". Tiered savings from 40% off $100 up to 60% off $200. I can't speak to the quality, but the designs are nice and their return policy seems good. I'd hoped to get a shirt jacket made by Ascot Chang for an upcoming trip, but my budget has been blown and this will have to suffice … English Travel Jacket. $75 on sale. Bought the Victoria Falls for $68 as well to compair.
I've got a cream/tan linen suit in the works and the guys here steered me to this one …http://vandafineclothing.com/store/neckties/667-green-white-striped-grenadine.htmlThe quality is excellent and the fabric is awesome … it has structure, but light as a feather! They also do custom length/width and fast turnaround. A white chambray or linen shirt is what I plan to wear it with.
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