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Here's the latest… posted about two weeks ago.
Happy Shoe Shine Shunday! Today, I'm cleaning up a pair of Carmina x Epaulet New York Loafers. These are only a few months old, so I'm not ready to shampoo them, but they could use a good brushing and a bit of TLC.Today's libation … a GONG…ggggg!: Sake, PAMA pomegranate liqueur, topped with ginger ale and an orange garnish. [[SPOILER]] BEFORE:First, brush the suede thoroughly with a suede cleaning brush. The one I'm using is The Hanger Project's Horn-Backed Suede Cleaning...
Happy Shoe Shine Shunday! Today, I'm giving a little TLC to a pair of Alden #8 Cordovan Chukka Boots.Today's libation … an Aviation.BEFORE: [[SPOILER]] First, I wipe them down with a damp cloth and do a quick brushing.Then, I bone each shoe with a Deer Polishing Bone. The deer bone smooths the rolls in the cordovan, diminishes scratches and imparts oils which help to keep it looking young and lively.I then brush vigorously with a Large Horsehair Shoe Polishing Brush to...
I got the American Sixteener in my grab bag along with the white oxford … don't really need another white OCBD, but it's a great casual cut. The sixteen ounce is painful right now. Not sure if I'm breaking em in, or they're breaking me in … the battle is on. The #1 Heavy I got last year was way more cooperative.
Yeah, I got that … just trying to be helpful and let you know what others have done to darken and recolor cordovan.
Thanks! It seems like a distant memory now that I'm back at work I haven't tried it, but I've seen good results from others using the cordovan cream after a thorough cleaning & stripping, then waxing. I also suggest posting and looking in the Alden thread … IIRC a few have done what you're attempting. Patience is the key. Do it in stages. Cheers!
Happy Shoe Shine Shunday! Aloha again! My wife went to morning Yoga on the beach, so I took the time to freshen up a pair of Allen Edmonds Spiaggia's that have gotten a bit dirty from croquet, mini golf and an after dinner stroll along the beach. Today's Kit Includes: Horn-Backed Suede Cleaning Brush Deluxe Large Dauber by La Cordonnerie Anglaise Saphir Gommadin Suede Cleaner Fiebing's White Buck Bag Hanger Project Travel Shoetree ^ The travel shoe trees are great...
Enjoy your Sunday off and thanks for hosting!
Happy Shoe Shine Shunday! ALOHA! I just arrived in Maui, but didn't wanna miss out, so I took some fotos last night prepping my favorite travel shoes … Alden #8 LHS's. BEFORE: DURING: AFTER: MAHALO!
+1 on the cream Camoshita's. I'm taking mine to Maui along with my new Castaner's!
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