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IIRC, the suits were sold complete, but you had the option of ordering extra trousers.Edit: last year I do remember ther was at least one sold as separates … I think it was a windowpane.
$95!!! That's a crazy deal!! Mike sold me one last year at the Santa Monica store with Hawaiian print lining. Nicely made and super comfy.
Thanks MrDV!
Probably be gone by the time I post this, but is the Carmina Oscar Last sizing 8UK, 8.5 Barrie, 9 US TTS?
Hi Gents! Looking for recommendations to go with this… I ended up wearing a black grenadine grossa with a white shirt, but think it was less than ideal. Any ideas? Thanks!!
@Epaulet Hey Mike! Thanks for the sales recently!!! Next time, could we have the sales page redesigned to look like a spreadsheet … so it looks like I'm working? Thanks again!!!
@Epaulet Can we request a size change via email? I 'd like to go up a size on the burgundy hopsack:slayer:
Would the light tan suede dress belt pair well with white bucks? I need a dressier option than surcingle or web belts.
Has anyone seen or purchased the medium weight trench coats? Been on my wish list for a while and I need a nudge.
Nice write up! And great jacket! I've been measured by Kent, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I'm getting closer though!
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