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I thought I'd drop by and say how much I'm loving Vanda! I got my first tie (Green-White Striped 'Grenadine') a few weeks ago and it's fantastic; custom length too! Just ordered an orange scarf and cream PS; the pics in the email were impossible to resist…
I confess…1x Made To Order Sportcoats & Suits Solid Linen - Indigo Solid Linen (95266)Sportcoat Style: Double Breasted, Natural ShoulderSportcoat Size: 36Sportcoat Length: Short (S)Rear Vents: Double Vented Rear (Side Vents)Button Color: White Mother of PearlPocket Styling: Welt Breast Pocket, Hip Open Patch PocketsSleeve Length: Short (1" Shorter)Sleeve Finish: Functional buttons (Surgeon's Cuffs)Sportcoat Full or Partial Liner: Partial (3/8) LiningLining Fabric: Blue...
Interesting and confusing. I'm looking for pretty much the same color and texture. I should be receiving samples soon, so I guess I'll see when they get here.Today, I noticed Harrison's has a linen page up now … http://www.harrisonsofedinburgh.com/collections/w-bill/pure-irish-linenThey're listed as 6-13oz, but no indication of what is what.
Hi venividivicibj! I've heard that, but haven't ran across any images of them. I inquired about it when I spoke with Harrison's and Isles Textile Group, but they only referred to these. I assumed the 14oz was an approximation.
It's listed it as 380 gms, I'm not an expert with this stuff, but google says that's 13.4 oz … here are some photos from Merino Bros … http://www.merinobrothers.com/#!w-bill-linen/c1efo
Thanks Slickman! This is MTM. The process is outlined here. I was fitted at a trunk show, but I think most are done via photos and email.I guess my real question is would the heavy W.Bill linen cloth be a good match for that type of shoulder, or is it best reserved for lighter weight fabrics?
Just bumping, as I'd like to get some advise on a Kent Wang CMT…
@Epaulet Hey Mike! I'm thinking about getting a pair of charcoal trousers, to pair with the indigo linen DB and a cream linen jacket for an evening look. Do you think the charcoal Hopsack would go well? or would you suggest something else? I have the pale gray Hopsack, butterscotch linen, pale yellow khyber cloth and the tangerine linen on deck. Do you think the tangerine is a bit too crazy with the indigo? Thanks!
Ha! I was considering another pair of white pants . I'm definitely bringing along a cream or two for the tripI meant to reply yesterday, but I was sick and going into NyQuil coma . That and I had to look up Villa Jovis Thanks!I'm all ordered! Can't wait to see the final product!
Awesome! Last question, can the surgeon cuffs be altered a tiny bit easily? Most of my EP Southwick jackets didn't need any sleeve alterations, but a couple needed about a 1/4" to show some cuff. Do you think it's possible, or should I go with the standard cuffs?I did this with the washed denim LBM. It had functional cuffs, and I might have even done that up to 3/4" … they even hand stitched the edges so they blended in.Thanks!
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