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For good or bad, sometimes I think I'm more approachable in a odd jacket/trouser combo … friendlier looking. I try may hardest not to make eye contact , but people wanna talk to me. I think if I dressed more like uprcrust, people would be less likely to approach me. Maybe outta formality, but maybe outta fear. Uprcrust looks like a nice happy guy, so it works for him.
Thanks sugarbutch! I've tried it with a black knit and a grossa, but I'm thinking know that I don't have the right texture, maybe a finer texture grenadine or a better quality knit. Trousers have been an issue. I have a pair of winter white flannels that I've hardly worn and got in part to go with this jacket, but I haven't been able to make the whole thing work. I fell back to a dark gray flannel and a very light gray flannel. Tan twills are a great idea too! Thanks...
Yeah, pretty much, it's got a light gray with an almost white gray, charcoal and faded red (pink or rose) plaid and truer red overcheck? or windowpane? pattern.Thanks for the recommendations. I was thinking about charcoal or steel blue. I've tried a black and navy grenadine grossa, but the colors and textures didn't work. I think the texture of the jacket is more like a flannel or soft wool. Great ideas! Will sleep on it. Thanks!!
This is kind of a bump, as I'm having a really hard time with this. I need some ideas for a tie pairing to go with this jacket. Any ideas?A linen or shantung's been thrown out as a possibility, but I'm not sure about color or pattern regardless of the fabric. Thanks!!
I'm in the 1.75" club, but it looks like I'm the shortest here so far at 5' 5" + double-leather soles I cuff pretty much everything. I have a pair or two at 1.5" and 2", but 1.75" seems ideal to me. I like the 2", but the 1.5" looks too small … like, oh look at the little man with the wee cuffs
It's been almost a year since I bought my first Hober and finally just ordered two more with a bunch of swatches. I'm excited to start building a new tie wardrobe!
Love the discussion, though it is somewhat depressing for me to think of such things. I've been a fan of Clag's style since I joined this forum. He strikes the right balance for me in "today's" world. Not too stuffy, a little fun and always classic. It's been said before, but I feel that when it comes to dress today, expectations are generally so low that it makes it hard to dress well. In the past, I feel like most of these perceptions would not be as relevant. ...
Nice venividivicibj. Unfortunately, not my size . Just curious, did you do this CMT, or did KW have this fabric? I'm thinking of ordering a fresco-like summer suit soon.^ nm, answered in the sales description
If you can, I'd make an appointment. I was fitted at the LA trunk show and had a great experience. Kent had me try on a trial suit, he actually fitted me into a smaller size to get the shoulders right. He then took notes on what adjustments should be made and emailed them to me as well. I think the process would be the same if you made an appointment. I think it was better than trying to do it myself or via photos. Plus, you can view the swatches, ask questions and...
I would say that's wide for you, but I guess it a matter of preference. I've been thinking about a different lapel width for my next jacket, but since I've got a small chest and shoulders, I'll probably stick to the standard width.
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