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I think pants are easy for this. Light gray hopsack or flannel is a no-brainer, as is a darker mid-gray like the oxford gray flannel. Browns and winter whites might be fun. Aside from the weight, being a bit heavy for SoCal, the color is great for California winters and pretty versatile for fall thru spring.
I got the Danube blue marl. I was thinking the same. A blue shirt might be trial & error, I have some very pale blues that might work, but white or ecru will be easier. The thing that got me past the blue shirt question was that I could always layer a knit to give more contrast … dilemma solved.
I DIG IT! I really like the look of the Kamigata for beach/resort wear. I'm half Japanese, so haven't gotten on the Kamigata bandwagon for fear that, on me, it would have less of a "Japanese Farmer Vibe" and more just Japanese farm worker. I think wearing it with more of a riviera vibe works well. Well done!
Yeah, my arms are pretty long for my height I think. I wear a 32 or so in shirts. I haven't measured the jacket myself, but the seller did…Chest size (pit to pit) 18.5"Shoulder (across back) 16.5"Sleeve (from shoulder) 24"Length (from bottom of collar) 28.5"
Thanks Todd V! I'm about 5'5" to 5'6". I think length is hard for shorter guys. On the one hand I think I'll look taller and more proportioned with a shorter than average jacket, but whenever I've tried them … BB Milano, BF, J.Crew … I think it looks kinda silly and boyish. I think they have a tendency to exaggerate my short, skinny frame. Skinny lapels look weird on me as well. I have small shoulders, but a 2.5-3+ inch lapel looks better IMO. What I really like about...
Thanks Mike! I don't think I can pull off the full highland monty … but I did kop the jacket Thanks again!
@Mr Clemson, @tricky, @budapest12, @FrankCowperwood, @brp2, @Epaulet, Thanks so much for the comments Gentlemen! Feels good to know that I've dialed in my size! Cheers!!
Hi Mike, et al. Here's a few pics of the 36S Weller I got from Logan in the marketplace … I think the fit is good … much better than the Napoli 36R's I've tried on before. I think the short option is pretty good on me, extra-short might be a bit too short. I'm a terrible judge at my own fits, so just looking to confirm before the FF's go out. Thanks!! ^ looks like my right shoulder is dropping, maybe add a bit more padding?
Alright! Pulled the trigger on the Olive windowpane. Still considering the Clay Farmers Check and the Pale Danube Marl. Any thoughts on the Danube?
Agreed, eddiemczee's piece is awesome. A perfect combination of color and pattern. It looks very today and yesterday at the same time. I could see me wearing that piece anywhere … I hope to score something like that one day.I think the Olive & Gold will make up to look a lot more … "country gent" as I think Mike put it. It reminds me of something I saw in an old AA/Esky photo. I think I'm gonna pull the trigger on it. I don't have any windowpane jackets and I think...
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