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So I realized my 257 is a year old. Still almost looks like new.
My CDBs have just about had it, Crepe is almost worn through and also coming away from the upper. They still look awesome though and they've lasted nearly 2 years. I might look into getting them resoled but really I would prefer the go for a pair of Beeswax Desert Troopers to replace them. More durable and equally good looking IMO just can't seem to find any available.   Anyway just ordered a pair of 8" Moc toe Thorogoods on Amazon so I'm sure they'll keep me happy for a...
So the Aussie went up a good bit today. I'm looking at the Otter 257 on Revolve, free shipping and does the 30% for new customers apply to Filson products?
Interesting with the colors. I'm looking at getting Green although I was leaning towards Tan, because my current bag is green. I showed my partner pictures of both and she preferred green. I like how the zippers really pop against the green. Although a Filson with will be unique here (Oz) it will be more so in green as I hear Tan outsells it something like 3 to one.
Hang on, this is a female posting. Unless you are wearing the suit yourself let your groom make his own choice. If he has no style normally then give him a budget and send him down to the local mens formalwear store and ask for him to stay conservative, then stay out of it because your taste nothing to write home about either.
To me the article just couldn't shake the mentality of "if you are going to go into business, expand a grow at all costs and make more money". What is wrong with staying a small/medium business making a fair profit, employing local people, making quality products? Taiwan is a good example, a very well balanced economy I think.
I picked up a pair of brown 1000 miles from the Walking Company in Melbourne last week. $358 which is pretty reasonable really and saves any sizing issues. Everywhere else stocking them were around $450.
Phnom Penh Singapore Rome Prauge
Revolve store has them for $340 USD, converts to around $325 AUD and free shipping on orders over $100 so if you are confident enough in sizing them there is no real reason to buy locally.
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