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@thefoxtooth - tried to find you on spotify but could'nt. Not there or am I searching wrong?   Great video and I really like your sound and songs! Is this an active "project" ie are you still turning out new songs?
 Not sure but I know they both have black and brown dainite as I chose between the two on my last order. So check with Retzö if your are ordering directly from Vass
Forgot I got some better pictures from Mr Kuti before delivery. Here they are if anyone is interested:      
My new Vass arrived yesterday:   Great service from Rezsö and so far i'm very happy with the boots :)
I could be wrong but the word "irony" seems applicable to those pictures?
Not sure if this has been posted before but here's a piece from Permanent Style about a bespoken Cifonelli suit:
Carmina Jumper Boot:  
Has anyone got stuff shipped to the EU? Any tax/duties stories to tell? My few orders from the States have always got "caught" in customs = custom fees + 25% VAT on price (or well it's 20% when you add it on top of the price)
  And on this I agree, would never buy anything fake - I'd rather go for alternative products! But having said that I'm not sure about the origin and the history behind the shag carpet as a design. There might be an "original shag carpet" out there and hence making mine a copy. I dont think fakeness is always clear when it comes to patterns and some designs, not in the same way as fake designer clothes, bags and iconic furniture. Not really sure what my point is, maybe...
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