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  Initiated just means they put in the order for it to be organized/whatever. They will eventually send you an email saying to pay for the order.   This was my update history:   15/dic/2012 Order introduced into the system. 19/dic/2012 Order initiated. 18/ene/2013 Order finished. 21/ene/2013 Order send it.   And in other news, just got my double monks today. Great stuff for the price. From Canada and Fedex didn't charge me any duties or fees even with the trees. My...
Watching all of these videos makes me depressed. I can never make tight loops and the only thing I ever hook onto is my arm.
N&F Dirty Fade Selvedge Skinny Guy Waist 32 3 Months 10 Days; 1 soak prior to wear I could wear 31 (Left hand twill) but my calves were too large the leg hole. Results in weird knee stretches since the jean can't freely move up and down. Don't have much fading in the combs at the moment. Also, I have found that soaking the jeans is much better than keeping the starch/maintaining it.     
  Sorry, thought my post was fixed. They are both raw so they will fade more or less like raw jeans. As for variety, I usually don't buy the same jeans unless it's more of a classic fit (eg Levis). It's just so if I need something to fit what I'm wearing it's there for me. Rigids are slim so they will work for a more fashion forward look. However, I definitely wear my jeans in that pattern with my slims for everyday, and my straights for night-outs.
  They certainly will fade, but won't fade as quick or as strong of a contrast in raw denim.  Honestly, I have raw denim myself and I don't worry about putting objects into the front pockets. The jean will stretch to accommodate whatever it is, which I'm assuming is a phone. I have worn a pair of jeans everyday for 6 months (except for the odd day I will soak them/freeze) and I haven't had any problems except maybe a few whiskers sitting a little lower than the other...
Yes, I would drop half a size for the Grenson boots since they're usually wide fitting. I have also done this with my own pair as well.
Looking to buy either the Belgrave chestnut or Arden mahogany, but I'm torn on which would be better for dress down Fridays while still being functional for the dress up. Would love recommendations thanks.
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