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 I really want to wear a tie with my tweed jackets, but it looks cheesy when i do it with jeans, and I don't care much for chinos. All of my dress slacks are worsted wool. Is it okay to combine them with tweed, or do I need to invest in some grey flannels?
 I am seriously considering printing this and having it framed.
 I'm amazed it took almost two hours for a comment of this nature to appear on one of my SF posts. I thought by now at least five people would have told me to burn my shoes and kill myself. You guys are really slacking off, I'm honestly a bit disappointed.
 This is more or less what I was thinking, hence my dilemma. If they were as square as the worst square toed shoes (Kenneth Cole, etc.) it would be a no brainer, but they're just round enough to put me on the fence. When I look down at them on my feet, I can see the straight toe, but when I look at them in the mirror, it's almost unnoticable, which means it would probably be the same from the vantage point of someone standing opposite me. It is for this reason that I keep...
Normally I don't like square toed shoes at all, but I'm not sure how I feel about these because the front is flat like a square toe, but the edges are round, so to me it looks like a sort of odd hybrid that I'm not sure how to classify. I'm thinking of returning them, but I don't know if I'm just being anal.
Linen, cotton, or silk? Is one more customary to wear with tweed than the others, or is it purely a matter of personal taste?
The whole idea of punk is inherently counter intuitive and ridiculous. Basically, it's a bunch of people assembling in a large group to celebrate individuality. 
As long as you know what you're getting into. Portrait and Dubliners are among Joyce's more accessible works, so if you're going into Ulysses expecting consistency, forget it. Ditto for Finnegan's Wake. 
Takes a lot less effort just to tell everyone that you're gay. Duhuhu. Me make funny.
Me neither. Better luck next time.
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