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Moto 2011 2 zip 47, looking for leather ma-1 similar sizing
James Perse -- $45 at nordstrom
Looking to buy some CP's in at least good condition in size 9 US. Open to colors/styles as long as they are sneakers. Price can be negotiated depending on model/condition. Thanks! Located in the US.
Great condition, barely worn TOJ1 in burgundy/cream colorway. Beautiful jacket, doesn't quite fit me right. No adjustments - these ran a bit small. $295 paypal shipped CONUS. Repost from original owner. Tried on -- never worn outside.     
TOJ stock 48:  Varsity/ma-1 Red/creme Varsity/tiger camo jason bourne
Toj1 Varsity/MA-1 red/creme stock 48
Ahaha, you guys are cute. I already know it's a done deal. Was asking dotcomzz how he thought he could just "kopp" one. Man, ya'll be uber proud of ya'lls up-to-date fashion knowledge. Good for ya'll! 
How would you "koop" said daypack?
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