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  I am the business development director for Arden Reed and am in NYC. I'd be happy to answer questions for you. Our perfect fit guarantee offers free alterations if/when you need them after receiving your suit from us. Happy shopping!  
  I'm a big fan of these two looks. Especially on hot days. Simplicity is great and it gives a chance to accessorize really well with a watch or great/noticeable loafers.  
It is really interesting to me how many of us do not include a traditional black suit on the list. Myself included.   
I think the fit is great. Great silhouette, the sleeves are raised high enough to show 1/4" of shirt cuff, the trousers are a nice slim fit with a small (or nonexistent) break, and the lapels hug your chest. nicely done. Which mtm company did you use? I'm currently debating on a mtm e-tailer such as Arden Reed or similar. the $75 alteration credit sounds like a good deal. I vote yes on the pocket square, always.   
Damn if i don't just love this look. a perfect fitting white crisp shirt and a perfectly fitting suit. When i do this, i try to dress it up with accessories... a gold watch or lapel flower. Tom Ford has it figured out and the man always looks stylish. This classical cannot die. I would argue any perfectly fitting, classic colored suit (greys, khaki, brown), and w crisp white shirt + pocket square is timeless and unbeatable  
I've heard good things about Arden Reed's button downs. it takes a bit longer to receive your shirt but is bespoke nonetheless. I haven't tried them yet, as I am able to buy off the rack but have many friends who need to go the mtm route because of having larger frames, or severe drops. At the price point, it seems cheaper ($97-117) than an off the rack Boss or similar and will fit like a glove out of the box. Anyone have any experience with them or similar mtm...
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