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In my very limited experience of owning a sub GYW shoe made in SE Asia (in the $200s), and a $500 + one made in England, the upper on the one from England does seem much "better", or stronger, should I say.  I am not versed enough to describe what it means, but the SE Asian shoe (while more comfortable), when scratched, damage much more easily than the English one (for what it's worth).  By that I mean it shows the scratches much more vividly.    Having said that, I think...
Hi Reidrothchild,   Thank you for your perspective, and I think your explanation put my mind somewhat at ease.  DFWII is likely striving for perfection at a higher end that is likely out of my reach right now, and indeed my GYW shoes do feel sturdier and more comfortable than my previously purchased shoes with flimsy uppers and broken rubber souls (or it may be my mind telling me it better feel more comfortable...).    I am sure (and would hope) that a $2,000 hand welted...
WOW!! Thank you for your very detailed answers.  I looked through the videos included by Mox C as well as looked up some other "hand welted" videos and now understand what you are saying. I obviously don't have the appreciation of the implications (other than based on your very insightful explanations), but do appreciate what hand welted shoes do vs. GYW shoes.   Thank you again for the insight.   
DWFII,   Thank you so much for the explanation.  I am just getting into this whole thing and it is rather fascinating.  I bought my first GYW shoe with the understanding that it was a superior form of shoe.  Of course it was superior to the glued together shoes I used to wear (I would like to think), but now am reading that these are different from and less well made than hand welted shoes (I have no experience or knowledge to really say understand or realize).   In any...
Hi Bengal,   Does that mean GYW is equivalent to hand welting, just that it is done by machine/process patented by Mr. Goodyear?    
That is Yummy!!  
Wow Fishball, are you a shoemaker?
Oh my...
Jeff, haha not "sure" but definitely want to try it at some point.  Perhaps I should wait for "Napoli" for when I take a trip there? (or when they visit)
Hi Philycheese, sage words of advice.  I guess I need to study a little more on what I want, but ultimately just take the leap of faith at some point. 
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