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I'm wearing a gray blazer , a pair of navy blue pants and black shoes.
Do you want plain or pinstripe? I have a recommendation, that's UPUNIQUE suit. I've purchased a suit and two shirts from them, am satisfied with their quality and service. The suit I purchased is also navy, you can have a look, hope it helps you. Now, winter is coming, I'm considering to buy a heavy suit, maybe from UPUNIQUE too, but haven't made a decision yet. 
You can have a look at, I have a suit ordered from them, it fits me well, and is comfortable. Hope this helps you.
If you want a suit fits you perfectly, and shows your taste, I think a tailored suit would be fine. I ordered a navy blue pinstripe suit, it's great, you can have a look It isn't expensive, but the quality is good. Hope this help you. I plan to buy a charcoal grey suit next season.
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