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Hi All,   I have a clothing care question, what would be the best way to remove a dry erase marker stain from a pair of wool slacks?   Thank you
Thanks for the input everyone. I certainly wish that Texas had a more "diverse" climate, but sadly I do feel limited in some of the fabrics I make use of due to their impractical nature in Texas.   I will certainly take your advice RogerC because I do want to maintain some degree of comfort while trying to improve my style.
  The look I am working towards is a simple and classic style by building a collection of more timeless pieces. My work environment is business casual so suits will be rarely employed, but I want to rise above the mundane slacks and dress shirt. WIth that being said I do live in south Texas so some of the heavier fabrics don't have nearly the utility here that they would elsewhere.   I did invest in a navy blazer that I am pleased with but I am not sure what is the next...
I am building the basics in my wardrobe and I found a navy blazer that I am pleased with.   With that being said, what is the next must-have sport coat that I should begin looking for?   Thank you
I was reading a post that listed "Non-Chino Khaki Pants" as a vital piece in a men's wardrobe. With that being said, what material should I be looking for in buying a khaki colored trouser?
I will be teaching high school and really I want to improve my overall appearance and develop a sense of style that will last me the rest of my years regardless of what position I happen to find myself in.
Trying to find a navy blazer on a budget of $100 to $200 so I really want to get a good value for my money as I am trying to build the basics of my wardrobe.
Any input on this ebay offering?
Any sites you suggest Frankie? I appreciate the input.
Or this one...
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