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Edit: nevermind
Looks like they've removed all 'Hankerchiefs' from that section now.
He's doing LV menswear now.But that's more or less the same even for brands like Kiton & Brioni. I was reading a thread on shoes just last week, and people there were saying Kiton shoes were overpriced for what they were as well. Yet 90% of MC still get hard on over their stuff, whilst the opposite happens anytime someone brings up TF.Not defending one or the other, just telling it as i see it.
For only $20 you get a super exclusive badge.Now whether it's super exclusive because of its rarity/price tag, or because no one in their right mind wants one, is another matter entirely
hey! that's what google turned up for me as well!!I've only ever seen a handful of Prado's around (not the Toyota), much more exclusive than the Prada's i see everywhere
Yes, that is why i use them.Yes, they do work.Had them done at Rekaris and quite happy with their service.
hmm...nope, still nothing
I'm not overly bothered with all the 'rules' for dressing up/clothing either. Generally i just go with what looks good to my eyes (most of which would probably go against the SF group think), but i've never worn cuffed trousers before, and the comments about it not suiting those of a shorter stature seemed to make sense.The images posted above was pretty much the look i was hoping to get, however i honestly do think height plays a part in it which in turn affects the cuff...
Looking to change from my usual alterations place (which appears to be the standard SF haunt going by past posts). Any other suggestions/recommendations (preferably from personal experience) for alterations in Melbourne?
thanks for that glenjay. Anyway after trying on the cuffed trousers, it just looked too 'bunched' at the front and without wanting it taken up so much as to have no break at all, i ended up having them redone with a normal hem.
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