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Hi, quick update with a few more questions.    It took me quite a bit longer than expected to collect/save up the money, but now I'm ready to make some purchases.   I've literally worn nothing but relaxed jeans (ugh), black/grey sneakers (ick), and a few polo shirts in the last few months. I'm ready to upgrade.   At first I wanted to get a blazer and wear dress shirts, but my ideas have changed significantly since then. Now I just want to have two pairs of...
Hi, b-rex.   If the boot was the wrong size, would you allow a return if the buyer paid the return shipping?
Thanks a lot, kwhitelaw. 
Hello, can anyone give me a link to the product page for the boots in the photo below? I love the way they look, but I can't find anything similar by the same name on I'd appreciate it!   Thanks :) 
  Thank you, Fred. I will do it right away.
  You're probably right, but I don't intend to buy the best I absolutely can. I don't even need the absolute best. If I can make a $100 blazer look good by getting it tailored and combining it properly with other clothing, that's just fine. Nothing I buy can probably be considered really decent by high standards, but I'm a college student and I don't have a lot of money. I can only buy within my budget.   The $65-100 that I don't spend on a "cheap" blazer and getting it...
In south Mississippi, U.S.
    Great. Thanks!
  Hi tailoreverthin,   I wear a 10.5 but it really depends on the shoe. Sometimes I wear an 11, sometimes 10.5 wide, sometimes 10.5. Thanks for the offer, but those shoes look a bit too fancy for me.   I agree that fit trumps name brand! And thanks for the suggestions about the shirts. I definitely intend to get them tailored if possible!
  Can you post the link to the "Allen Edmonds shoe bank"? I can't find any information on it on the website.   Thanks for the link to belt, too. Simple is good. :)   You're right. If I can get a pair of shoes for around $100, a pair of jeans for $50, a few dress shirts for about $25 each (JCPenney), maybe a few nice polo/sweaters for $11-12 each (JCPenney), $30 belt, I should have what I need minus the jacket for roughly $315. The jacket isn't the essential piece of the...
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