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Noooooooooooooooooo lol I saw that last night and was gonna cop this morning
I'll post a pic sometime later today or tomorrow as my beginning of the month update and to get some posts in this thread :)
Looking to sell/trade a Before Dinner XS shirt in honeydew. Lmk if you're interested!
You realize the 1xx is a totally different cut from the 7xx, right? If you can't button up, it could be that the thighs/knees/calves are too tight causing the jeans to sit a little lower so that you'd need a larger waist measurement   Sizing jeans isn't a guessing game or a "trying on jeans" art form. It's 99% numbers and it's not that hard to get right
Updates on the small BDs?
  Tate+Yoko does chainstitch hemming if you're in Canada
Just wondering:   - Is there ever going to be a list of contestants? - Who's going to be judging the contest at the end?
Code for $100 of Club Monaco credit. Some restrictions:   *To redeem in full, voucher must be redeemed by February 28, 2013. After February 28, 2013, amount paid for voucher redeemable as online store credit.  Voucher redeemable only for online purchases at www.clubmonaco.com.  Voucher not valid for purchase of gift cards.  Club Monaco will issue an exchange for items purchased with a voucher within 30 days of receipt of order. 
  Vouchers are non-refundable and...
Anyone interested in picking up the Refinery29 50 for 100 deal? Not sure whether I'll end up using it, so I figure I might as well try to unload it sooner rather than later. Lmk!
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