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Anyone interested in picking up the Refinery29 50 for 100 deal? Not sure whether I'll end up using it, so I figure I might as well try to unload it sooner rather than later. Lmk!
Too late to join in? I just started wearing mine :x
$39 of Kent Wang credit at 50% off. Enough to buy pocket squares, socks, or various accessories from www.kentwang.com
Will fit a TTS 29 or 30 waist (or even 31, depending). Completely sold out on BiG--and Gordon doesn't disappoint. The texture on these is straightup ridiculous, IMO on the level of PBJ, ONI, and Samurai in terms of both texture and quality. Apparently the denim is from the same masterful hands that weave ONI denim.   Unhemmed, given one initial hot soak, and worn for exactly one week, but unfortunately they're just too small for my thighs. Pics show all wear, fading...
  Awesome, thanks a lot! Oh missed that, but thanks to you as well!
Can you get measurements on the small before you return it?
Lol seriously? Not sure how I missed the oxfords in Dress Shirts.. and for MYO, I'm not sure if it was just me, but it forced me to choose either a  monogram or a logo. Couldn't choose none for both :\
Noob question, but is the only way to get a solid oxford by Making Your Own? And if it is, is there a way to move the monogram/logo to somewhere that isn't the left chest? Sorry, their website is pretty hard to navigate...
If you're trying to get rid of your Small Uniqlo OCBDs, let me help you!
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