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Gap's collaboration with Saturdays Surf produced this great jacket. I haven't worn it once, so someone please give it a good home.   Measurements: Shoulders- 18" Pit-to-pit- 20.5" Length (from bottom of collar)- 22.5" Sleeve length- 25.5"   $100 shipped CONUS (Paypal gift or +4%)
Measurements- shoulders 17.5" chest (pit-to-pit) 20" midsection 18.5" waist 17.5" body length, front 22.5" body length, back 24" sleeve length, from shoulder 26" sleeve width @ pit 7.25" sleeve width @ elbow 6.1" sleeve width @ cuff 5"     Previous owner took off the tag for whatever reason, but there is still plenty of life to be had in the jacket and the lamb is broken in and buttery soft.     $460 shipped CONUS (Paypal gift or +4%)
Fits very slim, as you would expect from a BD, and perfect for the upcoming spring/summer. Real MoP buttons, excellent WvG quality, the whole deal. Pretty much completely unworn, would have tags if WvG came with tags.     Measurements: p2p: 19.5" shoulder: 17" sleeve (from shoulder hem): 24" length (from shoulder hem to bottom of side of shirt): 22.5"
Fuuuuuuucccckkkkkkkk got a pen-sized hole in the crotch. To repair and reinforce now or to just hold off until the hole gets big.... sigh... In any case, fit pic to keep the thread alive
^we actually did but it sold out like a month or two ago..small sizes went out mad fast :/
Damn I like this idea haha. I think I'll do it black like MDSsmith
Anyone have any evo pics of the sulphur dyed black jeans? Looked around and couldn't really find anything
~2 months of wear         And you can add me to the destroyed crotch inseam thread club :( Crotch has taken a lot of wear it seems...some areas look like they'll bust sooner or later. Think I should take any preemptive measures??
Dunno :x my feet are pretty average width-wise or maybe even on the wide side, but I don' think the KWs are any narrower than my Pumas/Adidas/etc   Anyone have any experience with these?
Does anyone if these boots have a specific model name that I can search around for? http://www.myhabit.com/homepage?#page=d&dept=men&sale=A97R6L59FYZZU&asin=B0097C6S58&cAsin=B0097C6XDK&ref=qd_g_b_img_d_113
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