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Does anyone know which Acne fit these are?
Any thoughts on Everlane cashmere vs WvG cashmere (for those who have handled both)?
Measurements: Waist: 16" Thigh: 11.75" Hem: 6.5" Inseam: 37"   Worn out only once. Texture and cut are phenomenal, as expected of DNAs. They are a sample of a great grey/black hue ZB was trying.       Asking: $225 shipped CONUS or best offer. International buyers PM me for a shipping quote
Didn't even realize... less than a year left, gents,+2012
I had a huge hole in my crotch. Got them repaired this summer at denim therapy in nyc ( Anyway, just washed after 6 months of effective wear
Measurements: Waist: 15"  Front rise: 9"  Thigh: 11.5"  Knee: 8.25"  Hem: 7.25" Inseam: 34"     Unaltered size 30 pair of Epaulet Rivet chinos bought from another user here on SF. Worn by me 5 times max, doesn't seem like the previous user owned them at all, so they're in pretty good shape. The only thing is there is a small cosmetic defect at the bottom of the fly (check pics). Should be an easy fix if you take it to a tailor, but I don't really think it's...
Has anyone in the US ordered from re-porter and gotten hit with customs?
Measurements and more info here ->   Cheap, awesome first step into the comfy life of drop crotch pants. They've only been worn for about a month (actual wear maybe a week).   Asking: $60 shipped CONUS (gift or +4% for Paypal fees). International buyers PM for a shipping quote
Great quality shirt as expected of S&H but haven't been able to wear it because it's just too small for me. Tagged size S, but the shirt has been darted so this is best suited for a small dude.   Measurements: Shoulders- 17" P2P- 19" Narrowest point of midsection- 16.5" Waist- 18" Length- 23" Sleeves- 25"   Asking: $40 shipped CONUS (gift or +4% for Paypal fees). International buyers PM for a shipping quote
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