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Just sent my pair in for a second set of repairs this past Thursday after a 7 month break, but I should have them back and in the rotation on Monday. On the other hand... is CalTex even active around these parts anymore?
Super soft and warm, 100% merino wool. Worn maybe 10 times max.   Measurements- Shoulders: 17.5" P2P: 20"     Asking: $55 $50 shipped CONUS (Paypal gift or +4%) or best offer. International PM me for a shipping quote
Doesn't the max have some extra hardware on the back? Or at least that's how it looks like on the Acne website. Damn I wish the corner had more info available. I even tried calling them, but they said they didn't have any more info available than what was on the product page. If they at least mentioned what size they got their leg opening measurement from, I could try to figure something out
Does anyone know which Acne fit these are? http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/denim-pants_cod42308061re.html
Any thoughts on Everlane cashmere vs WvG cashmere (for those who have handled both)?
Measurements: Waist: 16" Thigh: 11.75" Hem: 6.5" Inseam: 37"   Worn out only once. Texture and cut are phenomenal, as expected of DNAs. They are a sample of a great grey/black hue ZB was trying.       Asking: $225 shipped CONUS or best offer. International buyers PM me for a shipping quote
Didn't even realize... less than a year left, gents     http://www.convertunits.com/dates/702/daysfrom/Nov+6,+2012
I had a huge hole in my crotch. Got them repaired this summer at denim therapy in nyc (http://denimtherapy.com/) Anyway, just washed after 6 months of effective wear
Measurements: Waist: 15"  Front rise: 9"  Thigh: 11.5"  Knee: 8.25"  Hem: 7.25" Inseam: 34"     Unaltered size 30 pair of Epaulet Rivet chinos bought from another user here on SF. Worn by me 5 times max, doesn't seem like the previous user owned them at all, so they're in pretty good shape. The only thing is there is a small cosmetic defect at the bottom of the fly (check pics). Should be an easy fix if you take it to a tailor, but I don't really think it's...
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