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Any thoughts on the beanie? Length numbers? Able to wear a little sagged and hip and cool? It looks great
Have new, only tried on black suiting wool MA1 46 with 48 lengths. Looking to trade for stock 48 in charcoal or black   (If this post is still up, I'm still open to the trade)
Hey dudes, hope this isn't completely dead (though it seems like it is). I'm gonna put my pair through its final wash tonight and upload some pics tomorrow.
Not sure if this was discussed, but is there going to be a restock of the duffle coat?
Looks like Oct 9. So just to make sure, this is still on right? I might have to get another repair by the looks of things :\
Popping in for the contest! 5) I think this is hilarious/cute and I can't believe that not one size has run out.   4) Another fully stocked item that seems heavily slept on for the price.   3) I can't even imagine how comfortable this is, and the seed stitch look is great.   2) As someone who has searched far and wide for serviceable, good looking raincoats, I'm thoroughly impressed by this one.   1) Topping off my list: if these were rebranded as...
How can you tell which Dior fits (17.5cm, 19cm, 21cm) the denim are on Yoox? They give you the hem measurement but I'm not sure which size that correlates to
This is on sale?
Will there be any more Yoox drops any time soon?
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