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I am 6'5'' and have similar preferences to you in that I also don't care for slim jeans. I just ordered some APC Rescues, which look more roomy and also come in a 36" inseam. Because I haven't received them yet, I cannot make a definite recommendation, but I was confident enough to try them out. Your best option is to look at some of the bigger denim threads to find jeans you like the looks of, and then do some more research to see if they come a 36"...
Definitely looking into these, photos sold me.
I'm looking for a crewneck sweatshirt with thicker than normal material. Something like this however without the bleach stains. Advice on where to find anything similar would be appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn I'm having a Sam Winter Lager, after a long, yet unfinished, week: Hands down my favorite beer.
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