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Yes .
American Classics in Covent Garden .. very smart 
First wave of 'Casuals ' were Soul Boys who like our lot had been 'baby skins ' in 69 / 70 ... the Oi / Bonehead / two tone  lot did jump on the casual bandwagon a year or so later in 83  ( as with original Mod / Skin a year in Casual was ages ... could always spot em for never getting the 'details right ' and the shit Madness Tatts  Lets be brutally honest anyone over 35 is going to look a bit soppy in boots n braces or a Fila BJ and Trimm Trabbs .. 
You would be a magnet for attention .. if your smart looking some of it will be from people who appreciate the clobber .. most will be some wrong un's looking for trouble .
If you dress like a Skinhead im pretty sure you wont need to go looking for trouble it will find you easily enough 
I think 99.9% of Skinheads in 69 were working class .. Middle class kids tended to be hippies . 99.9% of English teenagers with boots and crops also liked the 'Hard ' image it portrayed .
Herbrand st london .. dont know the year 
Buster tunes like Ten commandments , Big Five and Al capone were massive youth club records when  circa 70 / 72 - It was just Jamaican music to most school kids . Big Five in fact influenced Judge Dread who had all those naughty pop reggae hits . Dont know weh it was released in JA but ' Big Five ' was released in UK in 1970 . 'Al Capone ' in fact still being played in clubs up until about 1975 , was a 'shuffle dance ' record with west indian kids doing that mad dance...
You get what you pay for mate ..  http://www.levi.com/US/en_US/mens-jeans/p/306050051
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