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Its all the same thing mate .........   by 21 you was to old to dress like a skin so younger kids took it up - scruffer , less detail , market clobber instead of The Ivy Shop ..
My season ticket works out about £38 a game .. 
Think hes a builder who brought quite a few and did em up .
The main man 'eccles ' certainly is still goes over the Bridge  . The word is hes a self made millionaire .
My feet are fucked by wearing trainers 90% of the time since id say 1980 . I have had a pair of Trickers with a double leather sole that must be getting on for 20 years old now and look brand new - every winter i stick em back on and 2 days later they are back in the cupboard . Think i paid £120 for them which shows you how old they are ...  Red wing Moc Toes i can just about get through a day in probably because of the support ...    ' The Obsessives ' seem to be mainly...
I think in London its just different to how it used to be  - in the late 60s - 80's you wore Fred perry / lacoste / RL polos to be different - other lads would know you was ITK just by a designer polo shirt and a pair of the right trainers .. nowdays EVERY other  male between 12 and 60 wear 'designer ' / 'heritage ' clobber and you would not have a scobbie about wether they even understand that ethos or even realise there was once a ethos . London has also got very middle...
The whole ETHOS British working class youth culture is founded upon the idea of 'looking like a million dollars when in reality you come from a shit council estate ' ...  Edwardians - Mod - Skins - Soul boys - Casuals . The more you spent on your clobber the better was the general idea .
The 'LOOK ' i go for most is Americana / Ivy or as its known amongst my lot 'American Dad ' .. all very well bowling about london in a nice Beams plus check shirt , Real McCoys 50's chinos and bass wejuns thinking you have nailed that Tokyo take on Ivy until a recent trip to California doing the pacific highway and breakfast in some awful mid Cali town full of old people .... ' all dressed like you but they never spent a fortune ' said the Mrs ..
No way Skinhead just a little micro world of their own .
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