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I always thought it was Skinhead wore bovver boots while suede heads wore gentlemens shoes ..
http://www.rawrdenim.com/2013/03/meet-your-maker-cone-mills-of-greensboro-north-carolina/Cone Mills celebrated as THE best maker of levis then and now .
Portsmouth - looks like first wave ?
your mates are missing the point - a older man should sport timeless Ivy clobber not fashion .. bet the daft buggers wear trainers and cargo shorts 
Derrick Rigers new book on teen tribes 
http://mikkelrude.co.uk/index.php?id_product=94&controller=product Anyone seen this in the flesh ?
Real mods ? what you mean the ones with parkas and jam shoes ?
theres a plaque up on old compton st where the 21's coffee bar originally was .. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_2i's_Coffee_Bar
Happy - yes very happy but only because i didnt know we were poor .
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