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Ive never heard of Weeguns . Bass weejuns are a American Ivy league shoe which is what he wrote first . The Solvair shoes uppers  look nothing like Bass Weejuns .
he  said ' dm sole on weejuns ' ..  he  edited it to loafers . I think they are pretty authentic and very nice ladies shoe .
its not a DM sole and they are not Bass wejuns .
Got these in Soho for the mrs . She does'nt dress in the style but they go nice with what she does wear . Very well made far better than the Dr Marten ones .
the japs need to get involved and turn out a collab thats 100% correct with the 60s shirt .
everyone i knew thought ben Sherman was American in the late 60s .
might buy myself a sheepie this winter can anyone recomend a place to find a nice short 60s style one ?
Those ' Skinheads ' outside the pub .. could not work out if they were the Gay branch or late 70s Boneheads got old n fat , either way they all looked a ' bit Dick Emery ' .
The World's End i think .. 
Chelsea FA Cup 70 Parade 
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