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lagos cab driver turnout 
I have a pair of Jones wingtips that look the part - ill pop into Jones today .. thanks .
Apart from the more expensive Church's ' smooths ' what are a better alternative ?
Loakes ' smooths ' - anyone tell me how close these are to the 'Royals ' ones from the late 60s ?
Jamaica was always heavily influenced by what the Jamaicans living in NY and in the South were wearing and brought back ' a yard ' with them . Later in the early 70s the Italian american wise guy / Johhny boy ' look was appropriated by the NY jamaican community - then adopted by the whole of JA and finally hitting stores in black areas of London mid 70s and was instrumental in the foundations of what became ' casual ' . Nowdays someone would see a look on the internet and...
Adidas Samba no doubt - very much the shoe of choice for 70's kids playing 5 a side .
almost as pefect a pair of shoes you can buy ,, Church's ' Smooths ' 
Levis Vintage 1960s Suede Bomber from Stuarts ...
Butchers coats ...  
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