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https://theballroomblitz.wordpress.com/2012/09/23/smooths-playing-it-cool-bryan-speaks/   Not sure if any forum members knew Bryan or that he was killed last month in a car accident but this blog is ace - Some cracking pics as well .RIP .  The Reggae tune posted ' Smooths and Sorts ' id never heard before .
Kid at my school had a Crombie made with 'crombie cloth ' from Burtons . Every boy aged between 12 and 16 was showed the label .. if my memories not fucked i think he said it had cost £15 or 15 Guineas ? 
Really interesting story about how the ' Look ' spread from London to Newcastle back in the late 60s and how hard it was at first to buy certain clobber https://theballroomblitz.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/happy-days-up-north-gerry-speaks/
Indeed a big Northern fashion in the post Boot boy era 1972 - 73 
Post Suedehead Northern Boot boys jeans 
looks like a travellers wedding .
  Nicked from a pal's FB page . Mint condition .
The NS style its said was copied by those at The Wheel from USA Soul acts who would do the shuffle style dance and back drops - Alvin Cash apparent being a big influence . Teddy Boys also did the back flips as well back in the 70s again copied from 1950s US Rythm n blues acts .
its 1980 . 
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