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Recently there was a amzing BBC series about London streets and how they had changed in the last 100 years . They did the Caledonian rd ( kings cross ) and some old boy was talking about when they had a cattle market up there and when the baby calves were brought to market during the night ' The dirty old men would all turn up ' - you can guess the rest . 
I think this is rose tinted glasses . A hundred years ago we had child brothels openly trading on the south bank of the thames opposite parliment - its said to service the MPs . In the 60s and 70s you had teenage rent boys working 'the railings ' at piccadilly circus - many as young as 12 / 13 and a open trade of peados buying trade . I can remember seeing these poor wretches as we went clubbing - skinny runaways descending into drug abuse and sexual depravity in full view...
I think the answer is Clobber . Im told that you would have trouble at Stamford Bridge between teenage gangs from Stockwell / Fulham / Battersea etc in the 50s and early 60s but it was only when some started dressing in a uniformed style did they start to group together .Mod to a extent maybe  but certainly Skinhead . 
Scruffy bunch though .
Yeah but the Disco that the likes of Grandmaster Flowers and Herc used were all the early stuff 73 - 75 . Anyways im sure loads are saying 'its not skinhead stuff ' so lets leave the foundations of Hip Hop / Techno for another place . 
'BAD DISCO 'though - come on the building blocks of Hip Hop culture breaks wise were JimmY CASTOR / Cheryl Lynn , hERMAN Kelly , Dennis Coffey - all great Disco Funk classics .
' Bad Disco ' ..   you white Americans are a funny bunch . 
A pal of mine posted the pic on FB ill ask him but im pretty sure they are not his ( although he certainly had a pair ) . Most def a shoe worn with Crombies , Longer barnets and round collar shirts .. very expensive ( from Ravells i think ? ) for the time .
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