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That jacket id imagine was worn at weekends by half of the American male population in the 50's / 60s .  Rockabilly revivalists would have seen it as a Skinhead jacket 
The difference is everyone wearing em in 1970 was 10 stone dripping wet .......
Big misconception re 'Suedeheads ' i guess kids my age who were a little to young to be a proper skinhead in 1969 wore what he has on in 1971 - we saw a book called Suedehead but never heard anyone call themselves that ( the word 'Skins 'or 'Smoothie '  was a fit all term by then ) also hair was well shoulder length by that Crombie era not grown out number 2's as whats stated in recent times 
saw these in the flesh today , lighter than your standard Church Brogues but still bang on the money
Was in Uniqlo today and its basics ( based on Japans never ending love affair with Americana / Ivy ) fit that silhouette perfectly , perhaps because they are designed with a smaller Japanese man in mind they get that 1960's slimmer fit spot on , great oxfords and check 60's style button downs for a score and very nice Sta prest style slacks ... more for the younger man and not for fatties .
Good points i think its also obvious that in 1969 / 70 most kids didnt understand where the clobber or how the clobber had originated ( more just a case that the older boys in the manor wore em first ) Most second younger  generation 'skins ' in 69 /70  were happy to wear market versions of the Crombie ,  Baracuta , Levi sta prest or as you say whatever brogues the local shop sold . 
You want a Modernist  look at mens fashions in 2017 then stay away from anyone calling themselves a MOD .
as with all street fashions its the little details and Silhouette that matter most .
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