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Chelsea FA Cup 70 Parade 
It was the number 1 picture on every kids wall i knew ... how we aspired to wear clobber that cool . 
The MA1 became popular from about 78 in London as a Soul Boy thing ( the great gear market down the kings rd  started selling them ) . It spread to the Football lot and was seen as a ' london football lad  thing ' , you would see hundreds of pre casual ' cockneys ' marching through Northern towns in em  . The Boneheads hijacked it off the football lot and went from cool Americana to Gloo sniffers wear in a few short years . 
I always thought it was Skinhead wore bovver boots while suede heads wore gentlemens shoes ..
http://www.rawrdenim.com/2013/03/meet-your-maker-cone-mills-of-greensboro-north-carolina/Cone Mills celebrated as THE best maker of levis then and now .
Portsmouth - looks like first wave ?
your mates are missing the point - a older man should sport timeless Ivy clobber not fashion .. bet the daft buggers wear trainers and cargo shorts 
Derrick Rigers new book on teen tribes 
http://mikkelrude.co.uk/index.php?id_product=94&controller=product Anyone seen this in the flesh ?
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