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No way Skinhead just a little micro world of their own .
'Blow out ' .. i had that happen to one pair - Son of Stag over Brick lane repaired em .. it can happen although the  'fade brigade ' see that as a badge of honour lol 
Not if you cold soak them first to lose the starch . I usually buy a pair of Selvedge Raw denim every 2 years - you get great fades and Honeycombs if you dont wash until at least 9 months plus .
Brutus denim were the Brush denim 'Budgie ' look ..  cheese cloth shirts . Stars n stripes T shirts and Toppers .. ( white wooden clogs for those brave enough to go Full Adam Faith ).
Rule 1 for Raw Denim dont wash for a least a year of hard wearing .
Suprised to learn Lee Cooper was a East London brand .. always thought they were American 
Never known any Londoner to wear Wrangler jeans .. Lee were  seen as acceptable if my memory's correct .
Ice blue levi sta prest was the colour the faces wore from memory - Pea green was another pastel shade that was big round W10 in 1970 
u ship to the UK ?
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