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Somewhere inbetween the cheap tat and the expensive Baracuta you say ??  ..  http://www.johnsimons.co.uk/harringtons/
I got a Baracuta it will out last me with most things style wise cheaper is always the worst option .
Football jumpers originally were around 72 - 74 and were knitted zip up jumpers in claret n blue / blue n white etc - no teams names / badges were a Boot boy era thing .. 
The Ivy shop sold Baracuta so the faces wore em  .. Next do a decent cheaper version http://www.next.co.uk/go14564s3#961282
Id imagine Ben Sherman shirts were made in England in the 60s ( even though most of the kids i knew thought they was American ) probably made in Asia nowday's . 
That College boy haircut was far more the norm around W10 / W12 in the late 60s than crop's ..  great pics 
The Black lad ( lol hes 61 ) is one of our lot over Chelsea he told me today he went into the whole Royals thing with Don how important those shoes were etc and how it was all about the labels and details . Don however being Don had already decided it was going to be more about the Racial conflict than young Cockney  lads wearing shoes made for rich Americans .
My point is todays teens and twenty somethings wear a look influenced by the late 60s without knowing so .. my lad whos 21 watched last night cos our pal Trevor was on it . He wears DM shoes and Oxford's from Uni Qlo but said he had never heard of 'skinheads ' ? ... I reckon most 'skins ' in 69 were wearing market snides harrington wise as well though 
Nationwide look the football jumpers ive never heard of GW either .
The ending with the comedy dick emery skinheads was unfortunate . Why not look at the legacy of SKINHEAD which is teenagers in 2016 wearing Harringtons , Ben Shermans , DMs' without having a clue about its heritage . The LOOK is in our DNA now .. thats its true legacy 
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