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its Liverpool - fashion took a long time to travel back then .
the debate on how to wear your unwashed / raw denim rages to this day http://www.rawrdenim.com/2011/09/the-essential-raw-denim-breakdown-our-100th-article/You do and im sure kids did have to soak them to get rid of the startch otherwise they rot easily and you get the dreaded cruch blow out within a year .Im a big fan of raw denim especially the japanese jeans that copy the Levis of the 50s and 60s such as Full Count / Samurai and Studio D' ARTISAN .
still cost around £400 for a pair of Church Longwings - no idea what that would translate to 1969 but id guess at least 4 times what Timpson's ' royals ' where . Also 15 year old boys would want what the others had and not be arsed about trading up .. 
they would have been Raw denim for a start ( the Levis ) .
The Timpsons royals were cheaper / high st versions of the likes of Churches ?
That must have been where they headed Inks . Apparently the Black Americans would bring doubles of 7's over to sell to the eager young soulies of west london .
In the early - mid  quite a few London  Soul DJ's would go to discos just outside of west london run by Black American soldiers and buy music of them to play out . I think they were based at the RAF base in Northolt west london  from memory .
  West ham off to sunderland 1969 
Thing of beauty indeed but well out my price range
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