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Remember all skinheads were under 18 and under 10 stone dropping wet .
'THE LOOK ' is taken from America Colleges in the first place - where do you think ' The Harrington ' came from .
' Hipster ' is just another tabloid name invention ... same as ' Skinhead ' 
If your happy to pay top dollar then Full Count ( Osaka label ) do a really amazing take on the classic 501 in Zimbabwean cotton - Son of Stag over east london sell em .
Go for Edwins mate - well made and a decent mid price selvedge http://www.size.co.uk/brand/edwin/&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=B_Designers%20-%20Edwin&utm_term=edwin%20jeans/
maybe the hack  misheard ' Cozzers ' . A term still in use in London in the 80s .
They look Northern / Midland boot boys . Londoners never wore trousers that wide . 
I was born in 58 and to young in 68 to be a proper skin but by 72 had a paper round and jumped into the ' smoothie , boot boy ' look . Rupert trousers , Topper shoes , Crombie , Penny collar shirts then a mad 'northern ' jean called 'Skinners ' big flappy fuckers that never caught on down south - Oxford bags , Stars and Stripes long slevve t shirts , satin bombers from kensington market  and Jumbo cords with beaten up DM's that were paint sprayed in your teams colours .....
50% off its £1600 price tag still wasnt enough for me to convince the Mrs it could be the next 5 years Birthday n Christmas presents together but the quality was amazing .
BBROOKS BROS Sheepie and Oxford at Bicster village today - 
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