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The MA1 Soul boy look was 78 / 79 then the Boneheads at the match robbed the look and ruined it .
It really is bland as fuck nowdays , almost anything cool has moved way way East .
The Kings rd was truly THE place in the 70s wasnt it - The Kings Rd Cruise attracted thousands , you had Let it Rock / Sex , ACME attractions , The Chelsea drug store , Punks V Teds , saturdays bowling about was for the teenagers their FB of the day ....
1970's Stuarts was like a lot of inner city area shops away from fashionable areas it sold to the west indian market . The late 70s 'London criminal / Reggae ' look was its staple .. Slacks , Italian knitwear , Italian slip on shoes - all very NY Italian wise guys circa 'Mean Streets ' a look the jamaicans had adopted as well as ticket touts , Dippers and local Soul boys . Stuart got in Pringles around late 1981 just as Casual became the thing ...  the local herberts would...
Its a thing of beauty  but i cant justify buying it at that price - yours looks proper .
Brooks Brothers outlet at Bicester today ..  50% off and still a bag of sand . Some great 60's style 3 finger roll button downs in great checks though - best shirts of 'The Look ' ive seen in years 
I dont remember the MA1 as a 60's Skinhead garm ( then again i was 10 - 12 years old and i only saw what i saw ) but certainly from 77 it became a Soul boy staple ( mainly because  the Great Gear market in the Kings rd sold em ) and then onto the backs of football lads at CFC / WHU etc .. look was adopted en mass by the football  Boneheads and the word was Navy Blue / Black MAI meant British Movement while the Green one was NF - anyone know if this had any truth in it ?
Love the A2 - i found a RRL one in Bicster village outlet down from £1400 to £240 - it was laying on the floor under a pile of RRL shirts that nobody wanted - outlet types only want the polos and stuff with big horses all over em .. would swap for a Buzz or TRMC A2 though .. 
Buzz Rickson / RealMcoys are as good a MA1 as your ever find ( inc a WW2 OG ) .. this is about details and why 13 year old cockney kids in 1969 wanted a brand of Gentlemens  shoes that cost eight quid and could only be found ( at first ) in a few select shops . Its that attention to detail why fifty years later people still obsess over certain garms . Personally when the postcode lottery bird knocks on my door with that big cardboard cheque im buying this...
No your enjoy just looking at it let alone wearing it .. its a investment .
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