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Dress shirt normally. Occasionally I'll base it around a tie though.
I really like that tie. Nice pickups.
I still pull that look every now and again. 
If I had to choose, it'd definitely be 2. However, neither one of them is anything I'd even consider buying and wearing.
A friend of mine loves these shorts. They aren't my style, but it all comes down to personal preference. If you like the way they look and fit, go for it.
Oh I know, I appreciate the feedback.      The only time I'll believe something is new is if the tags are still on it and there's still creases from where it was folded. I just assume when people say BNWOT, they're saying it's basically new, but might have been tried on or worn once.
Most likely. I never actually thing the BNWOT is really brand new, but if it's in good shape, I'm happy.
Just won a white with black striped Brooks Brothers pointed collar L/S dress shirt on ebay for $15.00 free shipping. Brand new without tags.
I can't stand when they constantly post the photos saying "If you ignore this, you want your xxxxx to die" or something along those lines. It's led me to the point where I'm about to start deleting people.
I recently picked up a few things from a local Goodwill.     Lacoste half zip knit sweater (Navy) - $5.99 Brooks Brothers L/S button collar dress shirt (Light blue) - $4.99 Polo Ralph Lauren L/S Blake fit dress shirt (Pink) - $4.99 Brooks Brothers S/S striped polo (Blue and Yellow) - $3.99 Yves Saint Laurent tie (Red with diamond design) - $1.99 Polo Ralph Lauren crew neck wool sweater (Navy) - $4.99 Yves Saint Laurent double breasted sports jacket...
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