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I believe that shortening the jacket a bit would be a right choice to achieve more youthful look. I would also take a few centimeters off from the sleeves and shorten and taper the trousers as well. Hard to say anything about the lapels, but the lapels in the example pics you posted look good. Just remember not to wear any slim ties but wider ones, if you leave those lapels as they are.
I'd go with the brown one as the color plays nicely together with navy.
Thank you for your comments. I believe that the pic doesn't do justice to the texture or color of the tie. It's, at least in my opinion, pretty nice but as you pointed out I find it difficult to make a beautiful knot with it. Your pocket square suggestion is totally right.
I've got to share my positive experience of Meermin shoes. I received these new ray last monk straps a couple of months ago and I've been really satisfied with the quality and fit. Really recommending the firm to everyone as the quality to price ratio is incredible.
Hello all,   Here to gain knowledge and get some inspiration for dressing.
First post to SF, all comments are appreciated besides cleaning my mirror.        
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