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In that case, perhaps send an email to either Nanamica (http://www.nanamica.com/en/) or Maiden Shop (http://maidens.shop-pro.jp/). They both ought to stock the coat in question.
That one is a special order, just for a few of our stockists in Japan.  It's our car coat in navy blue Ventile, with a matching thick-thin cord top-collar. It's the same idea as http://www.sehkelly.com/sb2-navy-blue-cotton.
Hello folks   The two of us have been really rather busy of late.    The first two months of the year are always all-hands-to-the-pump with the orders of our customers in Japan. Hectic. But then the dust settles, and we settle down to making things for the rest of the world -- i.e. for our workshop and website.   Hence there's a veritable bunch of new things here at the minute. Cotton, corduroy, and linen: our usual spring-summer cloth triumverate. A smattering of...
 Afraid not, no. They are a slim cut, and fit small, however, so an M might be worth considering (especially if you're planning on wearing a few layers beneath it).And please by all means drop me a line at paul@sehkelly.com if I can answer any specifics about fit or measurement.
If I might chip in ... I would expect that, in a cloth so thick, a size S will be a snug fit for someone of your size. Of course, it depends really on how you want it to fit -- for a more relaxed look and feel, or to wear more than, say, a regular shirt beneath it, a size M would most likely be a better bet. Paul
Hello   Yes -- the cotton-twill is a heavyweight outerwear cloth (450gsm or thereabouts). Typically we make trench coats and work jackets with it.   The cloth is intended to soften and adapt with wear. Washing it certainly will soften it, but probably best to wear it a few times, first, before doing so. I have a trench coat in the same cloth myself, which has been worn for a couple of years, and it is now the softest thing around -- sort of like how raw denim softens...
Crikey. Thank you very much indeed for the kind words (above).    Here are a few of the new things mentioned in the above posts, which I finally go around to photographing this week and the one before.                             Paul
 Hello I am afraid that I haven't any fit pictures from customers, but we do have a fair few of our own, hidden away on our site, which you mightn't have yet spotted.        All of the above are size S, and all are an identical in size and shape to their equivalents this year. Of all our garments, the heavy jumpers are very "true to size". In three years, I have yet to see one chap who requests a S, say, and then ask for a different size. Anecdotal, I know -- but I hope...
 Sure. Consider it done. Paul
Wotcha   A short, sharp message, this, just to say that our knitwear -- which I know a fair few Styleforummers have been enquiring about -- is now live at http://www.sehkelly.com/knitwear/.   We have brought back, for the third year running, the ten-ply tuck-stitch jumper, and added a mid-weight tuck-stitch cardigan, and a lightweight three-shade lambswool crewneck.   Thank you. As you were. Paul
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