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I must admit that we haven't thought much about that one. Our centre of gravity is probably closer to the street, the everyday, than the countryside, so a Norfolk jacket is more of a stretch for us than, say, a peacoat or trench or car coat. We currently have a topcoat in work (split-sleeve construction, a sort of relaxed quasi-formal design) and are mindful of developing a parka (which seems to me a gap of ours) as well as some redesigns of a few existing styles. Perhaps...
Hello all I know there are a fair few London-based SF-ers on here, so I'm flagging up a little event we're having with Vitsoe on Duke Street (in the shadow of Selfridges) next month. It's a week-long affair, starting with an opening night on Thursday 4 February, to which you can RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/perennial-favourites-tickets-20752143219. What's there? Lots of new garments -- things for spring, plus half of what we're currently developing for next...
Good luck with that (never heard it called the "apex" sweater though). Apropos of not very much at all -- apart from hey: it is nearly the end of the year, and we've begun developments now for early spring -- here is what we have made over the past few months. Onwards now with things for the New Year. Happy and mirthful festivities to one and all. Paul
The narrow trousers are an older style, last part of our line-up two or more years ago, and which we have now discontinued. (Confusingly, we also had an old "standard trouser" style, which is not the same as today's "standard trouser".)Our current trousers, standard and proper, are completely different to what went before. The standards have a similar leg-width to the old standards, but their construction and details are very different. The seams are heavier, a lot more...
There will be new trousers in time for spring. Linen and cotton, most likely, in the standard and proper trouser models.We're working in a new, narrower trouser, too, and are currently deliberating over whether to stick with the pleats or give them a rest this time.But yes -- the trouser department will be imbued with fresh energy and zeal over the next few months.
Both of the most recent SB2 and SB3 jackets are warm indeed.The SB3 in the Donegal gun-club cloth is medium-weight tweed; the SB2 cloth, the Inner Hebridean tweed, is medium-to-heavy. We have used the same quality of cloth for our peacoat this year, and even then -- with a full-on outerwear garment such as that -- it packs some heft.I would happily wear either of the jackets, over a sweater and thick shirt, on all but the coldest days here in London. (Maybe with a scarf,...
Oh yes, sorry. Nope -- we send orders to the States fairly frequently and have seldom if ever encountered or had reported the sort of problem you mention.
I must admit it isn't an issue raised by any of our customers in Canada, over the past four or five years, no.But please, if you have any concerns about this, or further questions, by all means ask.
EveningThe fall (or autumn, as we say here) version of the balmacaan has now arrived, in brown / grey, over at http://www.sehkelly.com/balmacaan-in-tobacco-brown-donegal-tweed/.There is a navy / grey version in the offing, too, to which the finishing touches are currently being applied.It is made with a heavy herringbone tweed, from County Donegal. Nepps and burrs galore.Over and out.Paul
Excuse the late reply, but the duffle coat; it took rather longer than expected (but hey -- what's a few months between Styleforummers).It is finished now, I am pleased to say -- both in camel and in navy.There cloth is a worsted duffle from Somerset, and the toggles are each individually made by hand, presumably by one or two people, in a small place up north.Here we go: http://www.sehkelly.com/shop/jackets/.Paul
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