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Crikey. Thank you very much indeed for the kind words (above).    Here are a few of the new things mentioned in the above posts, which I finally go around to photographing this week and the one before.                             Paul
 Hello I am afraid that I haven't any fit pictures from customers, but we do have a fair few of our own, hidden away on our site, which you mightn't have yet spotted.        All of the above are size S, and all are an identical in size and shape to their equivalents this year. Of all our garments, the heavy jumpers are very "true to size". In three years, I have yet to see one chap who requests a S, say, and then ask for a different size. Anecdotal, I know -- but I hope...
 Sure. Consider it done. Paul
Wotcha   A short, sharp message, this, just to say that our knitwear -- which I know a fair few Styleforummers have been enquiring about -- is now live at http://www.sehkelly.com/knitwear/.   We have brought back, for the third year running, the ten-ply tuck-stitch jumper, and added a mid-weight tuck-stitch cardigan, and a lightweight three-shade lambswool crewneck.   Thank you. As you were. Paul
Thank you for such kind words. Very good of you. Better luck next time and all that.
It is a thick cloth, especially for a blazer. Very warm. Whether you can wear it indoors depends, I suppose, on the temperature of the indoors in question.
 I am afraid we're not really set up for personalisation and that sort of thing, dear Fok ... ... although we'd be happy to supply you with the necessary brass popper fastenings (if indeed that's the sort of thing you have in mind). Then all you need to do is find someone local with the right tooling to punch it through the cloth. Thinking as I type, paul@sehkelly.com might be the best place to continue the conversation, if you're so inclined.
 You know, the metric weight of a cloth doesn't often come up, the way we work, with the smaller mills. Maybe we just never ask ... It is mid- to heavy-weight, and very dense, and a little on the dry and hairy side. Still, a little softer than your typical Harris tweed, such is the nature of the yarn and the type of finishing. I would say 500-500gsm, but I will ask the mill (about time) to get an exact measurement. Paul
Hello Styleforum   Back in the middle of summer, which seems a very long time ago indeed, we visited a mill in the Inner Hebrides.    What they weave there is notable for being made from the yarn of sheep reared and sheared on the land. Heritage breeds of mostly regional sheep. Undyed. Organic. Woven in a loom shed that sits beside the shearing shed. Rather special, all told.         The first garments to use the cloth are a casual, half-lined SB2 jacket,...
Hello there The best place for this sort of thing might be http://www.styleforum.net/t/277070/s-e-h-kelly. Many thanks Paul of said company
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