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Yes -- the balmacaan appeared earlier in the summer in a heavyweight herringbone linen, below, and will return in a few months in a Donegal tweed (also herringbone, coincidentally enough).        And, if you do your shopping in Japan, there's a heavy cotton-twill version making its way to a few shops over there next month.   It has a one-piece sleeve, goes down to knee level, two-way welt pockets, and a throat latch hidden under the collar.   Sorry -- I know...
 I am just over six-foot and the current toile sits at knee level. We are always conscious of balancing our collection, so since we have the car coat and peacoat above the knee, and the balmacaan and trench coat both below, putting the duffle coat in between seems to make sense.Always open to suggestions, mind.
... if you'd like specific advice about our shirts, you can always drop me a line at info@sehkelly.com.   In other news, I hope everyone is having a good weekend.   We seem to be ahead of ourselves this year, with most of the spring-time stuff done and dusted, and lots of work going on behind the scenes for winter.   What we're doing at the moment is developing a duffle coat.   We want to make a traditional duffle coat, deep down -- so it will be quite long and...
Hello Styleforummers   What with all the hot weather on the way this week and next week, we decided to make some jackets with the thickest and heaviest cloth we've ever encountered. It's a brand new type of Ventile, which has the appearance of a really thick and dry duck canvas, and all the water-proofness of, well ... Ventile.     It is great, though it doesn't half hurt your hands if you're cutting it all day long. We are making some hood jackets with it. There is...
Hello If you're a 38, then the size S is certainly the way to go. We size our padded garments such that they fit the same on the inside as their unpadded equivalents, if that makes sense. With regards to layering -- well, the tour jacket is intended to have a fairly relaxed fit, so you'd be able to wear at the very least a shirt and overshirt / sweater beneath it. I hope that helps somewhat. Paul
In other news ...   We have been developing a spectacle frame / sunglasses for the best part of 14 months now.   It is being made with one of the last frame makers in Britain, all hand-made, with a handful of people cutting and shaping and whittling and buffing the frame like woodworkers. Remarkable. The final drawings were, um ... drawn-up, yesterday, and this means they aren't far away at all.        Here they are, along with the most recent -- slightly...
Public transport up there is indeed a thing of wonder. I've put together some more words and pictures from the linen mill over at http://www.sehkelly.com/makers/linen-weaver-hebrides-scotland/.  Paul
Good question. Towards the end of the coming week. In the meantime, there is the chance to win one at http://www.propermag.com/site/win-an-s-e-h-kelly-tour-jacket-2015-04
 In the interests of finishing what I started late last month, the new Ventile Ripstop tour jacket is now finished, and looks something like this.    It is, as mentioned last time, the first garment ever to use this new type of Ventile (so please forgive my mentioning it twice). Paul
Thank you. The weaving shed is a few miles east of Tarbert.
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