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The good news is that there's a tobacco peacoat back in stock in size S.   The answers to your questions, in order, are -- "possibly a tad roomy but still a reasonably good fit, especially on the arms", "no, sorry", and "no, but these things are sometimes returned."   If I can help with anything else, or answer more specifically, do please drop me a line on studio@sehkelly.com.
There are no plans to make more shawl-necked garments within the next 12 months.   I am partial to shawl-necks myself, however, so I wouldn't rule it out one day.   As for a standalone knit -- if I understand correctly, yes, we do plan to make a heavy-duty "outer" cardigan / jacket before too long.   If I help or inform any further, please drop me (Paul) a line on studio@sehkelly.com. Always happy to help.
 Please send an email to shop@sehkelly.com and we'll see what we can do. Many thanks.
 There's an outside chance we will, yes, since we discovered a few more metres of cloth in a forgotten corner of the the factory. No promises, though; not sure how much is left, and precisely which sizes we'll make from it (if any). Sorry to be so vague.
 Many thanks. With regards to XL -- we make XL in a good number of our garments these days, and are working on doing so increasingly. If you're using http://www.sehkelly.com/xl/ as reference, that page shows only the XL garments currently in stock; XL garments tend to sell faster than other sizes.
 The size M does sound like the size for you, yes. The chap in the photo above is a little shorter than you, and a little slimmer, and the small fits him just right.
 We won't be making matching trousers, sorry. The closest you will get this year from us are the charcoal-grey trousers here:  They're very close in colour to the granite-grey Donegal blazer, but not quite, and they're lighter in weight, too. Should be online in the next week or two.
 Nope, no restock sorry -- we don't tend to make more of a garment once they've gone. There's always the possibility we will make a jumper similar next year, but no firms plans on that front yet.
 Sorry to revisit this after so many weeks ... But an XS jumper arrived at http://www.sehkelly.com/shop/knitwear/navy-blue-grey-tuck-stitch-jumper earlier today.
  Yes, before too long we plan to revisit the cotton blazer. Perhaps a thick twill. Nothing in the immediate pipeline, however.
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