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I do! Not much help that, is it? Probably not the impartial response you're looking for ... Anecdotally, though, I have very fond of the thing. Huge and thick and very soft (it is the same mix of merino-wool and cashmere used to make the new Donegal scarf). We went to Donegal looking for cloth and we came away with blankets. The pattern is more prominent on the biscuit one, because there's greater difference between the shades of yarn used to weave it, but other than...
Morning all   A few years back, our peacoat seemed to catch a few folk's interest on here, and the past few months we've redeveloped it.   The new peacoat is now in the last few days of development, before production, and it looks like this ...    As you can see, we've given it a one-piece split-sleeve, postbox pockets, a big ol' Ulster collar, and a half cuff. It is longer than an average peacoat, and since we intend for it to fit easily over a suit or shirt /...
 Here are a couple of pictures of early prototypes of the new peacoat, by the way, from a few weeks back. They're not terribly revealing, admittedly, particular of the pockets, but better than nothing.   
 Yes, we try to place pockets in places that makes them as pleasing as possible to use.Moving the resting pockets down a good amount in particular: I find them too high, most of the time, and often too shallow, so I was keen to get them right for the new peacoat.
 The pleasure is all ours. Here are a few more pictures of the thing being worn.   The cloth is excellent. A thick tweed indeed, but a very soft pure merino, and with more depth or colour (and variety, with all those flecks) than my photographs can ever do justice.
 The peacoat we're working on will be quite a bit different to the one which went before. On the face of it, it is longer, and looser fitting, and altogether more substantial. Perhaps closer to a "bridge coat" than a peacoat. It has a larger collar that's more of an Ulster shape. Still, it will have all the same elements of the previous peacoat — the large patch pockets and the sideways pockets higher up. But all the pockets are lower down than previously so they're more...
Wotcha Styleforummers   Here are a few more images of the knitwear adorning a real human being:         A few gents from here have emailed me about knitted things out of stock (the navy rollneck, mostly) and I will keep them posted as we endeavour to squeeze a few more things from the knitwear maker before winter kicks in.   We had also hoped to visit Mourne Textiles in Northern Ireland this week, but the journey was precluded by some protests yesterday...
Afraid not, no. I believe we do still have one each of S, M, and L, however.
  Yep, it scarcely hangs around, especially the crewnecks.The rollneck in navy we are actually hoping to have some more made, since they flew out so swiftly. November is the plan.
 That is indeed everything until the spring.
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