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Oh yes, sorry. Nope -- we send orders to the States fairly frequently and have seldom if ever encountered or had reported the sort of problem you mention.
I must admit it isn't an issue raised by any of our customers in Canada, over the past four or five years, no.But please, if you have any concerns about this, or further questions, by all means ask.
EveningThe fall (or autumn, as we say here) version of the balmacaan has now arrived, in brown / grey, over at http://www.sehkelly.com/balmacaan-in-tobacco-brown-donegal-tweed/.There is a navy / grey version in the offing, too, to which the finishing touches are currently being applied.It is made with a heavy herringbone tweed, from County Donegal. Nepps and burrs galore.Over and out.Paul
Excuse the late reply, but the duffle coat; it took rather longer than expected (but hey -- what's a few months between Styleforummers).It is finished now, I am pleased to say -- both in camel and in navy.There cloth is a worsted duffle from Somerset, and the toggles are each individually made by hand, presumably by one or two people, in a small place up north.Here we go: http://www.sehkelly.com/shop/jackets/.Paul
Not quite.They never run out in the sense that there is no expiry. If you buy a £50 gift card today, it will still be valid for as long as S.E.H Kelly is in existence (i.e. until the end of time).But once it is spent, then it is time to buy a new one.Hope that clarifies things.Paul
Dear JerrySorry for the late reply; I seem to have somehow disabled Styleforum alerts to my inbox.There are quite a few "fit" pictures of the frames near the foot of the product pages -- e.g. http://www.sehkelly.com/shop/opticals/spectacle-frame-with-hockey-end-sides/. I am afraid that is all we have, for now, but the plan is to continue having the frame feature in future photoshoots, in an ongoing sort of way.The diameter of the visible lens is 43mm, and the total width...
On the subject of our new duffle coat -- one of our stockists in Tokyo has recently published its AW15 lookbook, which I've just discovered features the camel version. There's more at http://shop.maiden.jp/catalogue.html.
And the photograph which Nick kindly provides is a good reference, too. The new overshirt is built on the same block as the raglan shirt, but the body is longer, with a curved hem. I would say in general it is best to go for your standard size, though, rather than one up (as Nick did with the shirt). The overshirt is lined, unlike the aforementioned shirt, so its capacity to cling to the body is restricted by the cotton lining. It fits very much true to size, in my own...
I wouldn't say they were distracting, the buttons on the overshirt -- but I suppose it is a subjective thing, isn't it? Still, for some indication of what it might look like -- excuse the lack of photographs of it -- then the reversible overshirt is a good guide: http://www.sehkelly.com/words/2014/09/reversible-overshirt/ Not that the buttons here are 20% larger than on the overshirt you're asking about. I hope that helps. Paul
Coincidentally, we have begun cutting the new duffle coat, and expect to have them made within the next two weeks. Here is the pattern, doing what patterns are often found to do, lying around the cutting table. And here is the latest prototype of the coat, which is currently serves at the factory as a reference sample for production. If there's anything else I can tell you about it -- the cloth of the shape or what-have-you -- then by all means, please ask away. Paul
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