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I have a purple label blazer and some polo ralph lauren blue penny loafers on ebay
can any one recomend a classic beefrolled penny loafer that is basically a Bass Weejun, but not a Bass Weejun? Allen Edmonds has the Kenwood model, but it has pinking all over it which I am not sure about. Ralph has a model on his site, but the leather is duller than the shiny look I'd like. Epaulet has a nice model in brown, but I would like black. I have seen an Alden model from the cape cod collection on the Margarett Howell website but can't find it anywhere else...
I searched for laptops when I posted and the only threads that came up were from several years ago.
Hi Guys, I am hoping some you guys can help me out. I need to buy a laptop. I use a computer to access the internet, run microsoft office/word processing, and music (not downloading free music, simply housing my itunes there). That is all. I want to spend no more than 750 bucks. I went to best buy and saw some samsungs that I liked, and a sony. but I figured If I wanted a pair of nice jeans, I would find the best pair for a cheap price online etc. rather than paying...
Guess no luck on the ferragamo question. It's a real nice scent imo, wearing it today, just has a little more complexity and staying power than philosykos or other straight fig scents I've owned, and cheap as well. guys, any suggestions for resources besides luckyscent or barneys for fragrance scented candles?
question to you guys. Today I was in TJ Maxx, and I saw salvator ferragamo for men, it was 15 bucks, and I had my phone so I googled it and saw it had a fig scent, which I like. so I bought it. I really like it. however, right next to the cologne on the shelf, was "salvator ferragamo platinum" basically looked exactly the same as the box i bought, but was white and said Platinum on it. i googled on my phone while I was in the store and couldnt find anything on it. so i...
when I think of 90's, I think of Kevin Smith movies, and trainspotting.
Hello, any one know an online stockist for Jamieson's shetland sweaters? I have been looking around in the internet and the last I saw they were available like 3 years ago at Ben Silver in charleston. are these impossible to find?
Get an old Toyota. like late 80's or early 90's. super cheap and indestructible. plus there is no pretense to them being anything besides transportation. G20 is lame.
yeah I agree on Heath. definitely didn't have faith in that decision. fingers crossed on hathaway.
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