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about 5 years old, can't remember wash/soak count
Monthly PBJ-007 update:                      
Red Wing Irish Settler Leather Boots -size 9 EE -lots of life left on them
measurements I provided are post soak:   waist: 32" front rise: 10.5" thigh: 11.25" hem: 7.9" inseam: 37"
007 monthly update outdoors:    
ok you win, I hope you accomplished whatever it is you set out to do.
The previous owner was the one that soaked it and listed it as that. I tried it on for a couple minutes myself. I posted large and clear photos so you can be the judge of the condition.
First up is a pair of Iron Heart 666S devils fit in a size 31. These have been soaked once and literally only tried before deciding it was too big for me. Measurements can be seen here: http://www.ironheart...ms/ih-666s.html   waist: 32" front rise: 10.5" thigh: 11.25" hem: 7.9" inseam: 37"     Price: $275 shipped, lowballers will be ignored
Up for sale is a sz29 Pure Blue Japan NC-013 jeans. These have been worn for about a month before I decided they're too small for me. Willing to trade for Blue in Green store credit.   Specs: http://blueingreenso...mid=62&vmcchk=1     Measurements:  Inseam:  30 inches Waist across the front:  14.5 inches Crotch to top in front:  9 inches Crotch to back:  14.25 inches Thigh:  9 inches Leg opening:  7 inches     Price: $155 shipped OBO, lowballers will be ignored
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