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anyone want a kamakura tokyo slim fit size 40 (15 3/4), end on end (fil-a-fil) cutaway white shirt? brand new? $90 ono free express shipping in OZ. PM for dets!
hello,    has anyone had any experience with the Forest last compared to Meermin Hiro/Carmina Rain last.     Im looking at getting a pair of loafers in the Forest last.   I have a pair of wingtip brogues in Rain UK9. Meermin Hiro UK9   I intend on wearing the loafers san socks, what sizing should i get?   Thank you in advance!
is the width of hiro and olfe the same?
white shirts in 39s all gone? :(
are these the dark brown double monks? (http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2338)   do the brown captoe oxfords still have the sole cracking issue? http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2339
hello, i recently purchased a pair of meermin classic oxfords! how long do they take generally to break in? my pair are slightly tight in width.   thanks
how long does it take to get a tracking number/shipped item from the date of payment?  ive processed payment through paypal on 24th Sept, and am yet to receive a tracking number since (for a normal order, not MTO).   thanks
hello SF!   Im looking at purchasing a pair of C&J Hallams from Edwards (cant resist due to code) and was wondering what size I should get?   I wear a UK8.5 asics kayano running shoe and they are comfortably snug.   Does anywhere stock C&J's in melbourne where i could try a pair on? I know Loakes are stocked at David Jones but how about C&J?   thanks in advance!
hey mate,   did you get an additional pair of trousers?   whats the cost like for a commission like this?
  hey mate,    just doing some research on some suits at the moment?  did you get an extra pair of trousers? were you provided with a costing breakdown?  I've seen that each consignment is priced approx ~1.3k?   thanks
New Posts  All Forums: