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For those with unlined models, how much do they typically stretch out after getting broken in?   I'm usually an 8.5D, and with the Neumoks I just got, I think the 8.5 might be every so slightly too long, but still comfortable.  Afraid if they stretch out a lot they will feel way too big
Exchanged a few emails with Dave tonight and he was not super helpful in email with much detail. Crazy short answers which didn't inspire confidence but he did say he could do it with a "rubber zip sole".On Reddit GYW, I found this review of Dave:"Dave is in no way a people's person, he doesn't chit chat, and if you're not brusque with him, he might not fully understand what you want him to do. That's the only issue I see with him, and outside of that, his work is top...
Thanks for the reco.  I just emailed him to find out if this is his jam.
Yeah I knew that, but Nordstrom had a great deal in Neumoks whereas AE.com did not. Can you send shoes to AE.com for adding of the combination tap sole when bought somewhere else?
Just got my brown neumoks delivered yesterday.  Wow, what a ridiculously comfortable shoe!     This has probably been brought up before, but given searching on SF is a mess, I will ask again:   I want to give myself more traction on the Neumoks over the default leather sole.  What is a recommended sole option and any special instructions I need to give a cobbler?  My used McAllisters I got off ebay had this sole (which I think is a "combination tap sole"?) and it's...
Clever idea.  Could one just order full price shoes from another retailer using a price-matching CC, then use Bloomingdale's as a lower price even though it's out of stock? My thought process is that they don't know when a particular size went out of stock.
Not sure I agree. They are unworn and giving free return shipping is tablestakes these days (think Amazon, Nordstrom, zappos). But regardless, I'm not complaining.
AE.com got back to me about my damaged Shannon Drives I posted about earlier. Offered no concessions, just a straight up exchanged by emailing me a prepaid label. I'm a bit disappointed they didn't offer to expedite me another replacement pair while I send these ones back, but I'm not surprised. Also, after contemplating over the walnut Madison parks, I've decided to send them back to Nordstrom. I wasn't digging this new shade of walnut but most importantly, I noticed the...
To me, loafers can be pulled off by a younger person but I don't think they are versatile enough over the Madison parks or mcallisters. Just my opinion of course.
Actually on second look of the photo I posted, it makes it look lighter than they are in real life.  They are definitely more orange and darker than other walnuts I've seen.
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