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I've got a pair of the #60 Left Hand (Straight fit, Waist 31) for sale.  Only worn for about 10 mins at home, never outside the house. I ordered a dupe pair of these by mistake from 2 different sales (doh!).   $50 + shipping.
Oddly, you can't edit old posts after a period of time. No idea why... so here it is again with some edits and the start of a section on polishes.  Remember, I'm not claiming to be an expert here, just read this thread a ton and tried my hand at summarizing the information shared by others.  Corrections always welcomed.   Jan 4, 2014 edition: Cleaning, conditioning and polishes   - Cleaning: Lexol cleaner (spray, 1L jug) or kiwi saddle soap.  Lots of debate on saddle...
For newcomers to the thread, here's my last post on 1k boot care products.  I was frustrated searching the thread for a consolidated post on all the options. Let me know feedback if I should add or adjust anything.     http://www.styleforum.net/t/163864/wolverine-1000-mile-boot-review/4665#post_6797668
 I just got these and the are really well made: http://goo.gl/0knAmn
 Gray should be pretty easy to match.. black, blue, red seem like they'd all go with it, but I don't know your wardrobe.
 I recently returned a pair of the #60 "Left hand" since they were too large. They also were 0.3" larger in the waist than the fit guide. Response I got back was that it was within tolerance.   I have 3 pair of gustins, and I've found that on thicker 12oz and higher the variance doesn't matter. However, on lighter weight denims (sub-12oz), it can make them fit too large.   My rule now is that for their lighter denims, I'm getting one size down.
I did but perhaps I didn't brush long enough? It didn't seem to shine up at all. Is there some particular technique?
My 1k rusts arrived from Crane's the other day. Two coats of obenauf's boot oil, followed the next day by two coats if obenauf's LP. The process darkened it less than I was expecting to based on previous threads. However, I do like them darker than the original color so everything is good I'd like to shine them up a bit, but not a military shine. What product should I use?
I'm on the hunt for the perfect merino wool sock. My feet sweet a fair amount, and super sensitive to thickness of socks and the material.   I'm on the hunt for the perfect merino wool sock since everything I've found is either way too thick (think hiking socks) or way too thin (think dress socks).  I'm looking for something in between, let's say double or triple the thickness of a traditional cotton dress sock.   Do such socks exist? 
Just updated my post to add this.
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