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Just tried to order some Daltons in chocolate and you filthy animals caused a 4 week backorder. I'm impatient so abandoned my order.
Got my Washington Squares tonight in Walnut which are on the 1943 last.  I know there is always questions about the comparison of the lasts, so figured an extra post on the topic will never hurt. Especially if it helps to find this post from google searches :)   I'm a 8.5D on the 65 Last and measure a 8.5 on a brannock in between a C and D width.  Zappos is matching the RDA prices, and given their free 2 days shipping both ways, I tried to experiment with a few...
I thought the same thing but found out that the Poplar is 32mm (1.25") vs the standard 35mm (1.37") like on the Dearborn, etc.
Limited funds to spend and I already have a pair of walnut Washington Squares on the way.  I'm having  a hard time avoiding the sirens song of the Daltons :)   I'm torn on color.. I will normally weird with jeans almost exclusively in business casual and casual settings.  I rarely wear a suit, and with customers I"m usually in a blazer and jeans. For a full suit, I'd opt for another pair of shoes instead of making the Daltons do double duty.   I know for sure I do not...
Opinions on what belt goes best with the Washinton squares between the Poplar and Dearborn?  I plan on wearing them both with suits and jeans.  Definitely subjective but would love opinions.   Washington Squares:     Poplar:     Dearborn:
Not sure if this is common knowledge or not, but Zappos seems to be matching the current Rediscover America sale prices. Faster shipping and dead simple returns. For me, they also had more sizing available in stock whereas had multiple backorders
I'm really liking the look of the Washington Squares in the photos I'm seeing of them on in walnut. Wondering if the lack of brogueing makes them too formal to wear with jeans? Also, how does the 1943 last compare to the 65? I'm a 8.5D in the 65. I've read conflicting sizing impressions but most day the overall 1943 is slimmer and recommendations to go up a width. Anyone have more definitive reco?
How does sizing of the Long Branch compare to the 65 last? I'm an 8D in 65, but know I'll be wearing slightly thicker socks in the long branch. I don't typically like ultra thick socks, even in boots and it doesn't get that cold in Seattle even in the winter.
I'm in for the walnut strand. Perfect timing as I've been on the hunt for a pair at a deal and my shoe addiction needed feeding. Also the latest Amex Offer for $50 off $250 makes this a steal. My brannock size is an 8.5D but I ordered two pairs: 8.5D and 8.5E. Recently I've found my feet swell quite a bit especially if I have to walk a lot or after a meal which makes my 65 last shoes in D width feel too tight. Thinking if I upside the width to an E it will solve my...
Do any of you size up a width to account for your feet swelling? I've noticed that my feet swell quite a bit over the course of only a few hours and think I could stand to go up a width from my standard 8.5D. Wondering if any of you size up like this or just count of leather stretching over time? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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