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The clamping are done by bakers after the fact as far as I understand from my discussion with Kyle. They literally use something to clamp the heel slightly narrower. In my case, my tracings came out closer to a C width whereas rest of my foot was a D.
This happens very frequently. I've had to send back three pairs because of variances in sewing.
Help clamp is free, tapering is $25.
Thanks for the preview since I got nearly the same build! Looks great.
Bakers will be the ones doing it.
Just placed my order for my first pair. Thanks to everyone for sharing knowledge which helped me dive head first into this.  And yes, I really did read the entire 400+ pages of threads :)   Estimated build time was 6-8 weeks.   My config:   Last: Standard Toe Vamp Leather: Brown Dress Upper (Shaft) Leather: Brown Dress Leather Liner: Tan Pull Loops: No Thanks Toe Cap: No Thanks Toe Bug Stitching: No Thank You Toe Bug Stitching Color: Does not apply Celastic...
FYI, coupon code "twitter" gets your $12 off orders at Baker's.
Btw, Gustin got back to me after I sent measurements to them and they said my measurements are too large for the size I ordered (31 slim). They offered to take it back and pay for shipping.  Good outcome but bad because I don't get the actual fabric I preordered anymore. Unfortunately this isn't the first time this has happened either...
Where can I see difference between Antique, Nickel and Brass eyelets? (preferably on a brown colored leather)
 Awesome, thanks so much. Will be going for the brown trim based on those photos.
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