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I got a great deal on a Filson medium duffle on Gilt on Black Friday -- 15% off + another 40% off.  Unfortunately, I mistakenly had the dang thing shipped to my old address and couldn't intercept it or change delivery address.   So it was sent back to Gilt and automatically refunded and I lost out on the discount.  Gilt won't resell it to me at the same price.. sigh.   While I would've liked the Filson, I admittedly hate that it has no exterior or interior pockets at...
Thanks! Got the small duffel for 40% off and free shipping.
Are there going to be any online retailers with Filson deals?
Also doesn't work for Filson. Dang.
Where's the newsletter signup?
I haven't posted this but finally got my brown dress SDs back from baker after two returns due to a completely f'd up heel (once lopsided, second time one was a different height). I've worn then a half dozen times and love them so far. Best fitting boot I've ever had, although the sole is a bit hard. Two questions: 1. Recommendations on a thin insole to soften them up a bit but not reduce room for my feet too much? 2. Recommendation source for thin leather laces? I want...
 After sending my boots back near the end of January for the heel problem, I just got them back yesterday after 4 weeks.  Unfortunately I have to send them back AGAIN! This time there were 2 problems:1. Same issue with right heel with it slanted, just less than last time2. They did a custom job doing a slight heel taper, so it was in between a cuban and block.   The part that disappoints me is that I emailed them to make sure to do QC and to verify that the heels were...
First wash of my kickstarter standards.
Just heard back from Bakers and they said the entire midsole looks unbalanced and they need to get it redone,. Sent me a prepaid shipping label, but I'm annoyed because I have to wait longer.  Can't believe this made it past their quality control given they sanded down the heel for me after they got it back from White's which means they had to have looked at the boots.
Brown dress.
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