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First wash of my kickstarter standards.
Just heard back from Bakers and they said the entire midsole looks unbalanced and they need to get it redone,. Sent me a prepaid shipping label, but I'm annoyed because I have to wait longer.  Can't believe this made it past their quality control given they sanded down the heel for me after they got it back from White's which means they had to have looked at the boots.
Brown dress.
Got my boots today in the mail. Overall build quality is good but problem is the right heel. Notice anything wrong?
Just got my shipment notification! Just under 4 weeks from when I placed the order.
They've always taken my stuff back as long as it was unworn and unwashed. But only for store credit, never for a refund. I don't know what they do with the pairs I send back though. Given I send them back due to incorrect manufacturing, I can't imagine they'd sell them as-is in their "stock" section. But I've never seen any jeans in that section that state the manufacturing/sizing was wrong, so where do those pairs go?
Don't be ridiculous. Only on toast.
The clamping are done by bakers after the fact as far as I understand from my discussion with Kyle. They literally use something to clamp the heel slightly narrower. In my case, my tracings came out closer to a C width whereas rest of my foot was a D.
This happens very frequently. I've had to send back three pairs because of variances in sewing.
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