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I found this, posted in 2012 in a BMW owners' forum. Whether it is accurate and whether it has anything to do with your situation, I don't know "The common Lexol cleaners and conditioners (brown and orange bottles) are not meant for the leather found in modern BMWs, or most other manufacturers for that matter. BMW leather is urethane protected semi-aniline leather, meaning it has a protective coating (think clear coat for leather) over the hide. This type of leather has a...
uFind Marshall's, T.J. Maxx and Tuesday Morning stores in your area (assuming there are any) and start haunting them. It may be a day, or a week, or many months, but sooner or later you will find something at a good price that will last til you buy from Frank Clegg. Jack George's, Tumi, Bosca, Filson , Bric are among brands I've seen and sometimes purchased at these stores at really good prices. And check e-bay frequently. Sometimes there are great briefcases that can be...
I like the looks of this--quite a lot,actually. I think that this is a classic color combination. You can see a green and tan briefcase on. JP Marcellino's site, or look, for example, at the Tusting UK site looks like you did well. Distinctly not Walmart quality. Care to say what you paid?
Back in the '70's and 80's they had fine stores and were, I'd say, quite reputable.  assume they still are.
Just ran across this post.Frank Clegg uses Apple. Leather care products, so on his recommendation that's what I now use on his pieces.
This question is purely from curiosity. I will surely never own a Russian Reindeer case. When you have something that's been under water encased in mud for 200 years, do you treat it for water resistance? Do you use a leather treatment at all on it?
It is absolutely beautiful The green felt is a perfect choice, it appears.
Antonio Centano of Real Men Real Style did a 25 minute interview with a Maxwell Scott representative about buying a briefcase--focusing, not surprisingly, on their bags. You can find and download that interview here: . He uses a Maxwelll Scott as part of a comparison here: .It looks like that one is only 7.5 minutes....
They spelled it right. My typo.
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