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Just ran across this post.Frank Clegg uses Apple. Leather care products, so on his recommendation that's what I now use on his pieces.
This question is purely from curiosity. I will surely never own a Russian Reindeer case. When you have something that's been under water encased in mud for 200 years, do you treat it for water resistance? Do you use a leather treatment at all on it?
It is absolutely beautiful The green felt is a perfect choice, it appears.
Antonio Centano of Real Men Real Style did a 25 minute interview with a Maxwell Scott representative about buying a briefcase--focusing, not surprisingly, on their bags. You can find and download that interview here: http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/buy-leather-briefcase/ . He uses a Maxwelll Scott as part of a comparison here: http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/difference-between-casual-dress-business-briefcase-leather-bag-advice/ .It looks like that one is only 7.5 minutes....
They spelled it right. My typo.
A forum member was interested last week in the Louis Vuitton Vassilli PM Epi, but not in the $3300 price tag. Moore & Giles Wynn-mailbag has flap and zipper. They make good-quality bags, as I can attest from personal and family experience. Not likely to be confused w anything French. I stumbled across a site called louisvigtonoutletclearancestore.com. . It seems too good to be true so it probably is.
I think either of these gentlemen will mAKE THE bag w a great zipper at not much higher price.
You can't go wrong with it!
    Zegna----Silk and cotton
It looks to me like JP Marcellino and Frank Clegg have on their sites bags to meet your requirements. If I'm missing something, I apologize.
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