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any solution?
  my hair is so straight i don't know if this would work.   what kind of conditioner/shampoo would you reccomend though?
haha this is funny and awesome, trying to get a natrual look tho :P
  So if i went in, i would need to get my hair cut and than styled? not sure how that would be done.   my friend told me that there are shampoos and conditioners that will help me create that wavy look itself, is this true?   anyways im going to wait a bit until lax season anyways, because i probably wont spend 50 dollars on something that wont look the same in a couple of months The long hair out of the helmet should look like the guy on the left  
  hah It's not really a personal thing, more of a lacrosse thing. When the hair comes out of the helmet it just looks cool and flows. Guess thats why i want that kind of hair   can anyone help me with this? if i go to a hair salon, will they be able to help?
Hello, i play lacrosse and i am here to ask and communicate about certain hairstyles!
You guys seem to know a lot about hair, and i have had this problem for quite a while. I am trying to grow the flow (Long Hair with lots of waves and slight curls)   The problem is, i have pin straight hair that kind of looks like this.     I am trying to get this look below, with long shoulder length hair that is very volumized and wavy.     something like this ^ or this below     i really like this guys hair ^ because that is exactly the...
Hey! I play lacrosse and i am trying to grow the flow. It is basically just long wavy hair on a guy that looks good out of a helmet for lacrosse.   I have a problem though, i am Asian and my hair is pin straight about to the bottom of my neck and kind of looks like this right now.     I want it to be wavy and curly to look more like this     or       anyway this can be done?
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