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Another price drop.
I agree. However, it doesn't look bad at all. Both the color and fit seems to be pretty much what he was looking for, so if I were him, I'd probably keep the jacket and request some kind of compensation. Of course selling is a good option if he doesn't like the jacket.
Geo looks great on you nicelynice. I wouldn't alter anything, is it uncomfortable?
Damn Augustas looks great. Something I'd love to own. Sucks being not as "baller" as eckblk, fistinyoface and eton97.  I own just two pairs of black boots. Black donkey Guidi's and beater calf Officine Creatives. Guidi's are superior, but OC's aren't bad for the price, especially Yoox prices. As you can see OC's are still in a great shape after about 9 months of wear, even though the Finnish weather is pretty much shit.  [[SPOILER]]
me too... current season Guidi boots euro prices seems to be more like 800 euros to 1000 euros.
I haven't seen COS drop crotch trousers before. These are available in black.   DROPPED CROTCH TROUSERS
Can't say I'm waiting. What was the collaboration before Wang? I think I totally missed it.
Up for sale rare NUMBER (N)INE grey cotton beanie. Loose fitting - one size fits all. Great texture. Worn few times, recently hand washed.   Measurements: widht: 24,5 cm height: 26,5 cm   45 €  sold Includes worldwide shipping from Finland, payment with Paypal Gift. Otherwise add +4% for Paypal
Price drop and back for sale. It's a nice Dries van Noten quality slim-fitting bomber. Just don't fit my style anymore.
Most of the printed text tees looks retarded and this isn't an exception. Please don't wear that t-shirt in public.
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