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now 75 euros. :P
The price dropped from 130 euros to 90 euros. 90 euros = 100 usd. 
Selling Zam Barrett overlocked knit in a size 46. Black! Nice details, not worn many times. Condition about 8/10   Pits - 44cm Length - 67cm (The pit length may seem small, but it's a stretchy wool.)   My pictures don't do justice. Pretty awesome Zam Barrett wool top.    The price is 60 euros + shipping. Shipping from Finland (Europe)
Selling Zam Barrett tailored minimalist hoodie from his AW13 collection in a size 46. Bought about a year ago. Retailed 600 usd or something. Pretty cool hoodie with awesome details. Condition about 9/10. (https://www.ink-clothing.com/en/detail/Zam-Barrett/AUTUMN-WINTER-2013/id=2319)   Shoulder.................17.5" Chest......................18.5" Sleeve......................30"   Asking 75 euros. If you have any questions, please pm. Shipping from Finland (Europe). 
bump... lowered price
^ Exactly. I have two pairs of J jeans which I have raw-edge hemmed by myself. Great jeans.   The new J jeans are different cut. Anyone got them? Totally different than the old cut? I love the old cut.
Seems like he does not care. "I'm busy, I don't have time" is not an excuse anymore. This thread is crazy. I have bought from TOJ back in 2010 and had no issues. Perfect transaction actually. However, things are completely different now. Based on recent transactions, I would not buy again. Hopefully all orders will be delivered.
In Aisce x Layer-0.
  INDIVIDUAL SENTIMENTS - amazing FW14/15 shoe collection - now available at hide[m]  - python workboot (python / wool needle punch) 
 How many years it took? I wouldn't expect anything less than a year. Great thread to follow. :)
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