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Hey Hirsh, I think you should start the thread. It would be good to have a regular start it.   I haven't thought about 2015 yet. Maybe it's time to start planning. 
http://www.ebay.com/itm/INDIVIDUAL-SENTIMENT-Black-Suede-Sling-Bag-/380956368102?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Backpacks&hash=item58b2c4dce6 IS sling bag
another price drop
Up, price drop
Selling EDUN leather detail sleeveless cotton hoodie in size M. Pretty cool piece, huge hood, great details. This one retailed for 600 USD. Worn maybe 4 times, condition excellent. Too big for me.   Asking 55 € plus shipping. Payment via PayPal. Shipping from Finland (Europe).    1st picture is not mine, it is exactly the same style and color (black). Bought from ASOS.
Selling Surface to Air speedster black lamb leather jacket in a size M. Fits big 46 to 48. Used, but in a good condition. Bought from S2A online store. Great moto style leather jacket for the price.   http://www.gilt.com/brand/surface-to-air/product/140505278-surface-to-air-speedster-jacket <- exactly the same jacket   Asking SOLD € plus shipping. Payment via PayPal. Shipping from Finland (Europe). 
Selling Fiorentini+Baker desert boots in a size IT40. Vibram soles from day one. Leather is antelope (reverse leather) and color is green. Fits about 40 to 41. Good condition, many years of wear left in my opinion. The quality is nice and these are made in Italy.    I'm not sure what is the model name. Looks like desert boots to me. Great boots for spring/summer.    Asking 100 € plus shipping. Payment via PayPal. Shipping from Finland (Europe). 
I have tried and bought many things from COS. Hooded wool jacket is the best purchase by a mile.      This coat was nice, but I didn't like the fit back then. Would fit me now much better though.  
Got IS workboots today. Really like the shape! Kangaroo is very comfortable too. 
I think TOJ should stop taking more orders until previous orders are done.
New Posts  All Forums: