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hi soupnazi,   you'll mainly need to increase the outseam length and the rise of the pants. therefore, if you're wearing the pants an inch or so higher, you'll need to increase the outseam and rise by an inch too.   however, i'd recommend to wear tuxedo pants at the same location as your other pants. there's no fixed rule. go what you're comfortable with.   hope this helps.   j.
i think 16oz should be heavy enough. anything heavier would not seem to be practical.    hope this helps.   j,
hi fidelcashclow,   i had two overcoats made last winter which are still serving me very well. full canvas is very important!   yes high quality overcoats are indeed canvassed and shouldn't be fused (unless the fabric weight is extremely light, in which case fusing may be required).   it does go over the suit, but still needs to fit well and since it will be canvassed, the overcoat will conform to your body better than a fused suit.   also the lining and...
hi richard927,   how long is your business trip in HK, and how much are you looking to spend?   this will help decide on which tailor you should visit.   thanks   jason
hi jason006,   the jacket and pants both seem to look a little big for you (as already commented by other members).   if i were you, i'd go to a local tailor to see if he can repair these to make the suit fit better. i'd focus on trimming the jacket waist and seat, trimming the sleeves, and please do something about the lapels. they look huge (no offence).   other than that, i'm not sure you can do all that much since it really isn't cut for your body. in...
gaunt runner,   i think there are local tailors you might want to try in boston. the tailors will help measure you and get you something that fits correctly.   is that an option for you?   jason
pdxguy,   i think you might find this website helpful.,en_GB,pg.html   they explain how to tie a tie, and also what lengths it should be at. usually, above the belt buckle is the norm.   hope this helps.   j
pasha,   what was wrong with tai pan row? i was thinking of getting a suit made from them and had heard good things. is there something i need to be cautious about? something to advise them before making a suit? let me know what went wrong with yours?   thanks   jason
i saw an ad online and noticed they offered some unusual / funky shirt fabrics.   has anyone tried them out? anyone have any feedback on their quality of shirts? i did a search for this on the forum and couldn't find much info.   thanks   jason
Itgiawa,   I too looked around online for a shirt tailor and although some of the websites are very nice looking, it seems to me it would be more accurate going to an actual tailor to go over different style options, and having them measure myself and discuss the fit options I have available.   Hope this helps.   Jason
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