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i agree with shirtmaven. shoulders seem forward causing creases.   other than that, all else is minor issues.   thanks   j.
who is your local tailor in san francisco? the prices seem competitive.   i wouldn't recommend heavier weights especially now that spring will be coming up soon.
one of the problems you'll notice it the pant pockets opening up on the sides. this tends to happen when suits get too tight for yourself.   other than that, the suits look fine, but they must be rather uncomfortable to wear all day long.    it's more of a style thing. if you're able to pull it off, why not?
you could have tried to get a online tailor shop to make you a suit for around $300. wouldn't you rather have that? just a thought.
i agree with mikedt. so many things can go wrong when buying for suits online, especially when you aren't sure who the company you're dealing with is.   in any case, all the best. do let us know how things turn out eventually.
adivvela,   looks like they don't have a website to give any info.   i would be cautious and try to stick to known custom tailors. although the deal sounds good, you're not sure how to get in touch with them or an address if they don't even have a website yet.   hope this helps.   j.
hi vsalgado,   how long will you be in hong kong for?   i heard rather negative feedback regarding their (lk tailor) quality over long periods of time (i.e. suit doesn't last well over a year or so). it could however, have been the fabric itself. not sure.   if you do end up getting a suit from them, let us know how it turned out.   thanks    j.
kayjay85,   who are JC & Son? do you have any info on them?   jason
you can see the back is not clean. too many wrinkles.   shoulder looks good though.   front also looks decent enough. however, i don't think the front is slim enough since you want that look.   the sleeves could be slimmer too and need to be fixed. too many wrinkles on the sleeves.   laslty, pant legs don't seem slim enough for a slim fit suit. you might have the legs taken in a bit.   hope this helps.   jason
anderson,   nice look jacket. however, i notice the inside pocket (last picture) seems slanted. is it the angle of the photo taken, or is the inside jacket pocket indeed slanted? if so, is there a reason it is not straight?   just curious. other than that, the jacket looks nice.   jason
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