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I own 4 pairs of shoes right now and am buying another pair.   I have   AE Park Ave in black AE Verona loafers in black AE Lucca loafers in black AE Strand in walnut   I also have a pair of RL drivers I wear when I do not feel like wearing any of the above. These are the shoes I wear most of the time when driving to the grocery store, shopping, working around the house.   What shoes should I buy next? I am considering the AE McAllister wingtip. Is...
Hello.   RL makes good polos if you don't want to care for them. They are durable.
 It would be worth it if the food tasted good!
I like Creed Aventus. It is overpriced but there is nothing like it.
Did he need to keep throwing punches after the guy was knocked out and on his back unable to defend himself?
What is a good grocery store coffee? I like darker roasts because they are sweet, and black without any cream or sugar. Any recommendations? I do not like folgers.
 They are feeling you out. They are trying to go as low as possible, just as you want to go as high as possible.   Do a little research. What is your experience worth? How much of a discount are you willing to give this company?
 Topys are another option.
 You like suits but wearing that to school will make you stick out and the key to highschool is fitting in.   You can have "suit" style without wearing a suit. I suggest make it more casual. Forget the jacket and tie. Don't button the top shirt buttons.   Look at chinos, slacks, linen shirts, dress shirts, polos. Mix it up.  Start slow and you may have students copy your style.   And get the basics done before dressing like that. Get a haircut and stay clean. You will...
I have been to 1 Korean home for a dinner. My buddy boiled noodles and cracked a raw egg on top of the hot broth. The portions were small.   I have had 2 Korean meal in a restaurant. There was a grill in the middle of the table and you cooked your own food. The meat had no flavor. The second restaurant was a noodle restaurant. It sucked worse than anything I have eaten in my life. The broth stunk and tasted like it had rotten meat in it.   I have not looked for...
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