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What kind of fly gear* are you looking for?*non hip-hop meaning
I was thinking more along the lines of:The Taming of the SpooorOne Spoo Over the Cuckoo's NestLiving proof that a man can live on Long Island and drive a Ferrari without ending up on an episode of American Greed
@ReubenR already dibsed the one UGA Brooks Brothers bow that I scored. Oddly enough, it was at a store in Columbus, OH. Go figure.
Well, I finished my tie acquisition marathon. This past Friday, I visited a department store at a local mall and they had some Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, Southern Tide, Robert Talbott, Ike Behar, skeet, Beau Ties, and Ted Baker bow ties and regular ties for 90% off. The most expensive one was $8.50. Most were in the $6.50 - $7.50 range. I purchased all 15 that they had in stock. The associate told me that it was an unadvertised sale that they have twice each year to...
Linked Fixed Wavelength Sine Wave Pattern
I despise these types of requests. Just be careful that you do not void any of your seller protections.
I bought 84 NWT bow ties and 51 NWT ties today... and never left the house. Details tomorrow after I finish day 2 of the operation.
1 and 3 yes... However, cubic zirconia can scratch glass.
Keys to the Aston Martin...
I hope that I get to make her acquaintance soon. 
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