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Isaia 100% bamboo triple patch pocket sport coat Barbour Summit zip through Prana corduroy Sherpa fleece lined shacket Thick-ass Been Had goose down puffer vest   AE Polo New Oliver Sweeney Mabillion loafers VTG AE Boulevard (7-eyelet) Alden 664 black shell Alden 681 Beckett Simonon Venza suede loafers (Colombian made, Blake welt, etc.) Tommy Bahama woven loafers All headed to the bay.
I am still just using the basic eBay listing format. So far, it is not asking for any UPC numbers on NIB shoes. I listed some yesterday and today with relative ease.
Thank God that it is finally 5 o'clock. I can now enjoy a drink and look back on some posts. Hey, it's all about perception.
 I was excited when the tag showed size 9. I was just a little less excited when I saw that they were actually a 9EE. Either way, they should help what has been a most dreadful week of eBay sales.
That feeling you get when you are finally working through your backlog and you unbox a pair of shoes to discover...   DOH!!! (Way to go, UAL Nashville  )  
So, I get a neutral feedback today. Let me give you a little background. A couple weeks ago, after some of my tie auctions had ended, I received a message from a buyer. He won one tie but regretted that he didn't bid on another one. He lives in Japan and had already paid for the tie that he won. I told him that I would relist the tie with a $9.99 BIN and add it to his current purchase with no additional shipping charges. He was happy... I was happy... Then, today, he...
Nah, man... You can go from Brunswick to breast pump. But, you can't go from breast pump to Brunswick. It's an unwritten rule. However, I will see what I can find. Bowling, being an indoor activity that revolves around knocking things over and copious amount of beer consumption, is popular around here. Surely, I can find a suitable bag.
 After my wife gave birth to our daughter, she determined that my bowling ball bag was the perfect size to carry around her breast pump, therefore fully removing what was left of my manhood.
 The main reason was because of the lack of an interior tag telling me the EXACT percentages of materials used. I was looking for something like 90% cashmere - 10% vicuna. Unfortunately, all that I could find was the tag that I photographed. Without definitive numbers, I am uncomfortable selling it. And, of course, I will be selling it. Having that coat in Alabama is about as useless as tits on a boar hog.
New Posts  All Forums: