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Uh oh... I was hoping that someone would outbid me... no such luck. Is there still some meat left on the bone in these?
How would you guys handle this? I have a customer who has been a regular buyer for 2+ years. He will win auctions and wait 24-48 hours to pay. No problem. He leaves prompt feedback and orders every other week. Well, he bid on and won at tie the first week of February. After 72 hours, I sent him an invoice as a friendly reminder. No payment. So, I sent him a cordial follow-up message. No answer. It's now been 20 days since the auction ended. It's a small sale and I do not...
The stupid force is strong with this one...
Dude shot himself in the foot. Then turned, for good measure, and shot himself in the other foot.
Are sellers really this lazy when it comes to proper spelling? Or, is it done intentionally so that a prospective buyer thinks that he or she is getting a deal?
If he has already left negative feedback, EBay will act on it immediately. Blatant feedback extortion is a slam dunk in your favor. Call back.
Call eBay and play up the feedback extortion angle. The whole matter hinges on him not wanting the box. He only wanted a certain part of the lot. He is trying to sell a watch of his own and wants your booklet and guarantee card to give it authenticity. He overplayed his hand. 
You beat me to it.
Found this VV custom collection tie when searching for e-thrifts tonight:   Did not kop... but it has a sobering story behind it
Speaking of LP leather, how are people still getting away with selling these atrocities?   God forbid they have any Velcro in the listing... then it would certainly get yanked.
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