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 Don't throw up on the mannequin. Trust me, they are a bitch to clean.
 Florian's looks more like an updated Makers and Merchants tie.
@capnwes and other thrifters familiar with that realm, I will be landing at BWI at 09:00 edt tomorrow morning for a short thriftcation. Should I stay in Baltimore, head to Jersey, go to Philly, or head north?
All this Ferrari talk reminds me of a pair of cool ass loafers I picked up today. Mint condition Puma Guida Moc loafers for Ferrari. I believe they are a US size 9.5.        
 Do I see a hint of ostrich?
All right you Polo-philes. Here's a real challenge. Linen/cotton blend. Buttons half way down and has pleats on the front like a formal shirt. Dragon print and part of the "Estate Darow" collection. Any info?    
Are you implying that we don't need another hero?
New Posts  All Forums: