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Passed on a Denon AVR-4306 7.1 channel receiver in seemingly great condition at $60. I know they sell for more but am unsure of electronic crap. Is this model good for home use?
Scene in my house today: Wife - "What are you doing?" Me - "Sending a check to LuxeSwap for the benefit auction." Wife - "You are actually writing a check? Nobody does that anymore." Me - "Sorry, it was the requested form of remittance." Wife - "How are you going to send it? Pony express?"
Don't worry about it. Yes, he tried to cleverly word things to his benefit. It might take a couple of calls, but you can get this mark removed and FVF reimbursed.
Dude was wearing skinny jeans and eyeliner. I paid and got the fuck out.
meh...   Holy Shit! (available if they fit you  - I can't really find any sold listings...)
My item was tied up in Canadian customs for some reason and was delivered today. I will send the check posthaste! My apologies for the delay.
A second account is an absolute must. I would never advise that anyone have a PayPal account attached to their primary checking/savings account. Since I already do business with this bank (and explained the need for the second account), they were more than happy to set up the new account and not charge any monthly fees. Just explain to your bank the need for the additional account and they should be most accommodating. 
Hey, quilting can be a fun hobby. My grandmother loved to quilt.
Absolutely true thrift. Tagged at $12.99. They were put out right next to a pair of Merona boots tagged at $19.99
One stop shopping.... AE Broadstreet Brunello Cucinelli (look similar to the ones @SpooPoker recently had listed... Can a brother borrow some key words? ) AE Berwick (rare spectator loafers) Not available right now as I am in the process of listing them. lol    
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