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They had them in gray / blue in the women's section of one of our local Marshalls. I assume you are looking for the men's version. I will be there tomorrow and will see if they have them. There really is no substitute for Saucony shoes.
Sorry, bro... I didn't want you to get your hopes up too soon. eBay is a cruel mistress, indeed.
You don't ever have to worry about these points. eBay can see every message that you send and receive. When you call eBay to address an issue, one of the first things that the CSR is going to do is look at your communication with the buyer. The eBay rep will be able to ascertain very quickly who, if anyone, is ignoring messages. This is also why it is very important to ALWAYS be courteous in your communications with buyers/sellers.
Dat BB 3-piece...
It was only made in 1991. lol
Dude, you are so lucky... A long time ago, when my wife was hitting lots of yard/consignment sales, I wrote down a list of tie names that I was looking for. I made the mistake of abbreviating Brooks Brothers as "BB". Imagine how difficult it was for me to smile and praise her for the bountiful harvest of Bill Blass ties that she proudly bestowed upon me.
That odd feeling you get when someone who lives in the US wins two of your "fast and free" auctions and promptly sends you a message demanding combined shipping.
Daks from Trimingham's no less... Nice...
A basket full of Goodwill awesomeness!! I see Hermes, VV, Paul Stuart, Seaward & Stearn, what looks like Talbott BOC, etc. Nice haul, bro!
As baffling as it sounds, it takes more than solid evidence to remove negative/neutral feedback. I sold a PRL tie to a guy a few weeks ago who claimed that it was fake and left negative feedback. I called eBay and told them that I could prove its authenticity. The eBay representative said that didn't matter. They could not "rob the buyer of his perception of the tie". I said, "So, even if his assumption can be proven false, there is nothing that you can do?" He said,...
New Posts  All Forums: