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 Interesting... How about pebble grain wingtip balmoral saddle oxfords? 
Congrats on the 4k and zeros in all the right places. I was hoping to hit 3k before 2017. But, considering the fact that I currently have (0) items for sale, that might be rather difficult. 
I am afraid that time would not allow any shipment. It is needed by tomorrow night. Anyway, I will probably just see if I can thrift something suitable (pun not intended) today or hit JAB tomorrow morning. I can handle the alterations myself. So at least that isn't an issue. 
To everyone who has expressed condolences, I offer a heartfelt thank you. You guys are amazing!   That feeling you get when you have an impending funeral, 120+ suits in inventory, and not a damn one of them fits.  Mucho weight loss this year has me in frantic scramble mode. I did find a dildo tux on my racks that fit great. I asked my sister if we could make dad's funeral black tie only. She declined. Back to the drawing board. 
Get the buyer to specify the reason. If he doesn't specify, contact eBay and they can help. If he specifies a color issue, that can be won in your favor. There are other instances of NAD that are winnable but you need for the buyer to put something in a message so that it can be used against him in a court of eBay.
 Heaven gained one tough son of a bitch... Thrift a little for me, guys. I will be away for a while.Kyle Raye Benson 12/28/1937 - 10/22/2016 
You beat me to it.
I know... It was a strategic financial loophole that several American companies exploited. They could legitimately say that the garments were made in "America" but the factories over there were not subject to US labor laws.
lol... I talk a good game but am guilty of the same offense. Recently, my wife asked me to put together a small desk for my daughter and both batteries were dead. So much for being prepared.
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