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 If you really want an exercise in patience, try keeping a Charvet bow tie snag free.
It's a definite pass. However, if you stare at a brand new Charvet tie long enough, runs and pulls will spontaneously appear. It's the Charvet phenomenon.
Must be regional... mobile and desktop sites seem to be working fine.
JV competition or not, @hooker4186, don't sell yourself short. That is, indeed, one hell of a find. Had I seen that in a store, I would have had to reach for the nearest Robert Graham shirt.
^^This is what I was talking about. I may have confused the issue. Printing through eBay uses an entire 8.5x11 sheet for each label. Top is the actual shipping label / Bottom half is the label record. Is there any way to change this?
So, if I am reading your post correctly, you utilize the 8.5x11 adhesive label pages that are divided into two labels. Is that correct? If that is the case, do you only use the top label of every page? It would seem that the bottom label would be wasted on the Pitney Bowes label record.
Someone reported that they use a fraction of the ink that a normal printer uses. I am not sure how you would go about printing international labels with one.
That has always been my rule of thumb as well. However, lately, I have been measuring many coats that are 6" difference between actual P2P circumference and given size.
I concur. It's not the volume that has been off. It's the weak bidding and lowball offers. I just figured that people were in a pre-Black Friday holding pattern.
Google Fiber is incredible! Unfortunately, they are more likely to put a Waffle House on Long Island before Google Fiber is introduced to Birmingham, AL.
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