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X5! ahahahah
Yes... On more than one occasion. Unfortunately, it is like getting a negative feedback removed. Your success is dependent on the competence of the eBay CSR that answers the phone.
mmm... Pachyderm
I picked up several of these but am unsure about using them. Anyone have any experience using Damar BIG compact fluorescent bulbs? They are 5000K and almost a foot long. They put out great light but, at $45 each, they are a little costly. Or do you guys have better luck with tube lights?
Careful, don't get too drunk or you will start trying to corner the market on Apple customer service websites again.
Yep... she looks authentic
Nice Burberry
Hey, if it works for you, that is awesome! I send everything 4lbs and under 1st Class Intl. Knock on wood, I have yet to have an unresolvable issue shipping all over the world. The buyers love the savings over Priority / Express. I pass along whatever shipping discounts I receive back to them. Plus, it is a bonus to only have to print one label and be done with it.
Jackie Robinson once said that "life is not a spectator sport". Well, there's no rule against wearing them! Both coming soon to an eBay near you. n/a   Alden 9.5D   and these amazing Peal & Co for BB 10D
USA... USA... complete with (4) 1996 Olympic pins  
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