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 You are wise to avoid Alabama. I have thrifted there a few times. Fucking horrible. 
Picked up 4 nice vintage knit ties today. Free to a good home.L to R)Polo - mercerized cotton (Made in Italy)Brooks Brothers - wool, mohair, alpaca (Made in England)Cable Car Clothiers - wool mohair (Made in England)Polo - mercerized cotton (Made in Italy)    [[SPOILER]]
 Why? I just adjust what I consider to be my natural waist. Unfortunately, then I end up with my tie being a bit long. 
 I would call eBay and have them make a record of the transaction. I did that one time. Come to find out, the same bidder had been reported for similar situations. He received a warning on his file. The more of these jackholes that we can get banned, the better.
Don't worry about any negative feedback. If she put that in a message, a simple call to eBay can get any negative / neutral feedback removed. eBay has been very good at handling feedback extortion.
Member 1 made allegations of bad business practices against Member 2 and threatened legal action against same.Member 2 claims that Member 1's comments constitute slander against self and business and threatens legal action as well.***a few unintelligible rants***Spoo shows his Wang.Member 1 and Member 2 agree to play nice and take it to PM.
NWT Hertling pants... I picked these up because horizontally striped blue / white seersucker pants are just odd enough to appeal to me.  
Brother, with all due respect, you are in no position to correct anyone's grammar and/or spelling.
Hell, I don't know shit about guitars. I just look at dollar signs. If I can buy something for $50 and sell it for $250, I don't care if it's made by Fisher Price.
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