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Who made these? Church's? Big ass PRL 13D...    [[SPOILER]]
***off topic*** Graduated from high school weighing <130lbs. Ran track for Auburn University at 125-132lbs. Stopped running after knee surgery. Ballooned up to almost 270lbs. Still fighting to drop back less than 200 so that I can exercise properly without fear of re-injuring knees.
 I prefer this answer to the one that suggested that he was The Kilo-master.
 I ship packages to Mexico quite often (shipped 2 down there today). I have never had a problem.
 Very true. However, I have flipped this line a couple of times for hella-profit and the buyers have always been happy. I still purchase this line when I see a piece in great condition.
 I have done it both ways. However, you are at the mercy of the person who initially scans the box. I have had to re-package before. They prefer you to use the Priority Express box.
I just returned from two days of raping and pillaging the Atlanta metro area thrifts and consignment stores. Pic dump to come as soon as I catch up on packing and shipping. I bought so much shiznit that the credit card company put a hold on my card because they thought someone had stolen it! lol
 Beats the hell out of me. I paid $.99 for it at the thrift sto' and put it (with or without airplane stitching) in my closet. 
 I keep one of these LP for NJ ties in my permanent collection. Easily the absolute softest tie that I have ever owned. Pure luxury...
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