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There is some truth to your statement, but there are more factors to consider. Yes, by not using a "great" consignor, you are able to keep all of the money. However, by not using a great consignor, you lose a lot of benefits.A. Most consignors offer professional-quality photos to truly showcase the beauty of your item.B. EXPOSURE! Most of the consignors on this forum have hundreds or thousands of dedicated (sometimes rabid) followers.C. Effortless money. Your time is...
As much as you are willing to pay.
Kinda weak right now... You can probably get about $20-30 for it. I would probably not kop if it's over $10.
No "Doh" necessary, brah... Now you know. In this business, if you don't learn something new every day, you aren't paying attention.
 Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Impuntura, a fellow of infinitejest, of most excellent fancy. 
I just spray the tassels and put tiny black orthodontic rubber bands on them. However, you can't argue with success. Those tassels look great now.
Boeing jacket definitely looks to be some sort of pork product. 
No more racquetball on Sunday afternoons. This will free up some bid-on-Spoo-swag time! 
The same goes for bleeding madras. The real stuff has carcinogens used in the production process. Then again, what does it madder?
Hey guys, picked up these Dexter USA made vintage longwings. At first glance, I thought that they were shell cordovan. However, upon closer inspection, I noticed what appears to be micro-creases. Then, to compound the problem, the model number 217644 is listed as #8 shell cordovan on the "official" registry. Are there perhaps different qualities of shell cordovan? Here are a few pics of the shoes in question.      
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