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A few of my finds from Wednesday...   Brookstweed Sport Coat   Crittenden (Hand Tailored) Suit   Zegna Angora Sport Coat   Canali 100% Linen Sport Coat   Zegna "Su Misura" Suit   Canali Suit   Robert Graham Patch Pocket Sport Coat   NWT BB Madison 100% Linen Sport Coat   Harwell's GTH Wool Flannel Flat Front Pants :-)   All heading to my feebay page
Find from yesterday. Gotta love old school Czech-made Benson & Harvey.  
Look what $25 will buy at the local thrifts!   Hanover Shell Longwings #2351   Alden for Brooks Brothers Shell #A764
Help me out guys... Pardon my ignorance.              
My camera and its owner are jealous! Very clean pics.
LOL! There is no telling how many Hermes and Brioni ties that I sold for $4 and $5 (shipping included).
Well, guys, went back to ye olde thrift store to pick up some sloppy seconds. I called ahead and she had placed what shirts were left in a back room so that I could go through them. (pics to come later) I picked up many NWT Bill's, R.Talbott, and Bruli shirts. All in all, I left with 70 brand new shirts. (my wife will be soooo pleased) My house is fulleth and runneth over.
Old Aldens... not fake.
That is an awesome piece Reuben. What an artifact! I would be scared to touch it.
If you guys don't mind a tiny price tag hole through the front of the collar, I left over 100 NWT Jeff Rose, Luciano Barbera, Viyella, Robert Talbott, Bill's Khakis, Scott Barber, Barbour, etc.. shirts that she was going to let me have for $10 each.
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