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Rule of thumb, if there is a situation where you are to receive an item back from a buyer, NEVER refund any money until you have the item in your hands. Plus, always make sure that it is the exact item you sent in the exact same condition as when it was sent.
Yep.. the only time that a Busch can be a tree at the same time.
I found one of those Chewbacca electronic masks at Target. Thrift fit will NOT happen. lol
 8281 is AE Polo shell cordovan. As for cleaning those bitches, have some fun. Send them back to AE for recrafting and wait for an epic "WTF" response.
I feel like such a whore... However, I am flattered that you paid money just to see my package.
I am not sure why I stress so much over no returns vs. 30-day returns. I hope this trend can continue. (This is only Feb 01 - April 30)  
How does that even work?
I am a little weirded out by the "burnt" and "came from pet home" aspects of the listing. Are these things that rare?
Isn't it fun to do mundane semi-retirement things like wake up and e-thrift while still wearing your Versace underoos?
It's a nice haul when names like Kiton and Cucinelli are added as "the rest" at the end of a post.
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