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Sup!! 4 hours until first thrift... I can make it.
Sup, everyone... Monday is it? My favorite day to thrift. Most of the stores around here are closed on Sunday. Being closed for one day makes me desire to go in there. It's like only craving a Chick-Fil-A sandwich on Sunday.
 COVETED Royal Blue FERRAGAMO Mongolian Jerry Sandusky Print 100% Silk Tie
I don't envy you in the least. I despise snow! The only time that we get white stuff on the ground down here is when the dope man drops his stash.
What are these "reduced PayPal fees" that you speak of? And how does one qualify for such a perk?
Mornin... Still trying to figure out what happened to Auburn's defense. Anyway, looking forward to hitting the Sunday thrift route. Sunday thrifting in Birmingham can be interesting. You can't swing a dead cat in the stores without hitting a family of Mexicans. At least I get to feel like a giant for a day.
A couple of weeks ago, I was expecting some shipping supplies from U-Line. I get them often delivered via small tractor trailer. However, lately, they have been utilizing UPS for their small freight. I really needed tie boxes for a delivery and they never showed. I checked the tracking info and it showed them as being delivered several hours before. Well, I called UPS. They told me that they were already delivered. I responded, "That's great! Where?" Well, they did some...
Picked up a pair of Gaelic of Edinburgh ghillie brogues in 7.5UK.
 I guess that I am too trusting in the international mail. I always ship my ties internationally utilizing international first-class. I have shipped ties to five continents outside of North America without incident. (knock on wood) My ties are always listed at 7 oz. and I have never had an international customer complain (yet).
These are extremely rare in the field. While not overly valuable, they are my favorite Japanese-made ties. You gotta love anything hand-numbered with a limited production of 8.  
New Posts  All Forums: