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Vintage Corbin 38S Black Watch tartan 3 / 2 sack sport coat... free to a good home. All you pay is actual shipping. The exterior of the jacket is in great condition. The lining on the inside needs restitched in a few places. P2P---20" / Shoulders---17" / BOC---28.5"   [[SPOILER]]
If you guys can make it to Alabama, I am out of commission for a few days with the flu. The stores are all yours.
Watch out for eBay username: jaspritz518   He left me a neutral because the jacket "didn't exactly match the color in the photo". I told him that he could have contacted me prior to the less-than-positive feedback and we could have worked something out. His replied in a rather acerbic missive that, "I don't know why you sellers are so anti-neutral feedback. Your package arrived very quickly and in as-advertised condition. However, I was neither overjoyed or disappointed....
I suck at bidding... lol I won nothing. However, I was very pleased that my few contributions to the auction did quite well. Good job, Brian!
Sorry guys...  Missed the "backwards 'e'"
Let me try this again... ANGORA
 Thanks! Copped!Secret Satan
Top o' the morning, crüe! This Secret Satan can't wait to hit the stores this morning!
That's going to the signature line!
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