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Yep saw that    Will try to find the time to update the thread with all the Facebook picture.   Maybe this WE
V1.1 Added 2 new models   Tennis shoes        adidas gazelle ?   Slip on       Added a new stock list EU NorseStore
This thread is a fork to discuss the Common Projects Spring Summer Collection 2013. This post will be updated with new arrivals   I try to collect all the models on a pinterest board you can find here   (I may miss somes or be wrong in the description, so please feel free to ping me)     I will also try to keep an updated online stocklist for this...
  never noticed too
Yes with crepe   Officer Derby Shine Crepe    
The (almost) full collection            
  Agree   Nice on sneakers   ridiculous on shoes.   Anyway the concept of Common Project for formal shoes is ridiculous.
Some pics from the Robert Geller x Common Project SS 2013          
  I would consider any sneaker made in Europe (made in Italy or Made in Portugal) to run 1 size bigger.   The fact is they all use the same rubber sole
  I don't have any pair but Tournament was the model designed to be cheaper by using first less noble material (canvas).
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