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Hi, I bought a burgundy Equus belt about a year and a half ago. The belt has a fishy smell that seems to have only gotten worse with age. At this point I can smell the belt when I'm wearing it. I saw an older post in this thread that this might be related to cod fish oil used after tanning the leather. What recommendations do you have for lessening the smell? Is it ok to use saddle soap on the belt?
Hello Tailors!   I had these suits made a year ago and two years ago respectively. They're going to be getting a lot of use in the near future, so I was wondering if I need to get them altered at all. I think the button point is a little high on both of them, but I guess that isn't really fixable. Are the sleeves too long on the navy one? Are they generally acceptable in terms of fit?   Thanks for your help.     Navy           Navy...
Hi, I recently decided it was time to start caring about what I wear. I've already lurked a while and picked up a lot of advice from the primers and archives. Thanks.
    I spent 2 years in China after graduating from college in 2009 and thoroughly enjoyed living there. There are a lot of things to enjoy about China other than its facilitation of alcoholism and lechery. It seems a lot of people don't like China or Chinese people though (it's all a matter of opinion). The problem is that while the people who don't like China but don't have major character flaws just leave China, the people who hate China but love...
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