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Ah, that's probably it. At work, I often sit with my toes bent on the ground. Thanks for the insight.
Thank you for the reply. What do you mean by motion? I understand the possibility of poor fit (the right side fits perfectly, the left feel a tad big, though not when purchased). I've heard that once it begins creasing like this, you can't really change it either.
I have a similar question about fit with a pair of Alden's I recently purchased. After wearing them for a couple weeks, usually 4 days on, 4 days off, the left one has a funny crease. Is this indicative of a bad fit or just how this leather is going to crease?   Left:         Right:     No, I do not make it a habit to wear these jeans with them.
Thank you for the links, my apologies, didn't mean to break board etiquette.
I've searched the forums for a thread on this but haven't really found one. I'm looking for a good all around dress shoe. I work as a pilot so it must be black, rubber soled, and not too fancy (we're generally the conservatively dressed types). It will be worn to walk to the train in all kinds of weather, on the ramp in snow and on fuel and deice spills. In addition to being suitable for the uniform, it must go with jeans as nobody carries spare shoes except running...
Found a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes at Nordstrom Rack today for $200 but wanted to see what others thought of them, perhaps there's a reason they're on sale. They are rubber soled but that's necessary for the locations I'll have to wear them in.
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