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Quote: Originally Posted by Al-Wahid Not to diverge too much from the topic, but does anyone have any recommendations for really good Mexican in D.C.? All the places that I've tried thus far have been more or less mediocre. Burrito Brothers is decent but I was looking for something more along the lines of a sit down place. Mixtec in Adams Morgan is solid.
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife i just discovered that the steel cut oats in the bulk bins at hold foods is like 1/5th of the cost of buying it in the McCann's tin I just spotted this as well. So, so cheap buying in bulk. Probably comes out to like 10 cents/bowl. I also recently got a fuzzy-logic rice cooker with a timer to use to make my steel cut oats. I've never had them taste so good. I use the porridge setting and...
Quote: Originally Posted by irbe I'm usually a MEDIUM in EG outwear (Engineered Jacket Melton / Firecoat). For the PARKA assuming I'm a SMALL. I tried on the MEDIUM but the sleeves were just way too long. I wear a M in most EG shirts, and go 50/50 M or L on the outerwear. I went with a M field parka, though the sleeves were too long. A tailor took care of that though. If you need to get the sleeves shortened, make sure you use a good...
Can't edit the orginal post, but the Ever peacoat is sold and the Rag & Bone pants are off the market.
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN Where can I get that? Any Allen Edmonds store should have it. I'm sure you can buy it online as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN What shoe cream color do you guys use for your Cherrys? I use AE chili. Works well.
The items are still available. Open to offers.
Good luck! I lost 35 lbs about a year ago and have now decided to go after another 10. If you are serious, tracking your calorie intake is a must, at least for a couple of months until you get a better sense of what you can eat and lose weight.
I'm sure this will show up in their thread shortly, but just got this in my e-mail box... The boys at Context are rocking out a 50% off all outerwear sale. As a MEMBER you get first dibs on this promotion. Our offer begins now and ends on Saturday Dec. 29th at midnight. Get on it guys. It won't last long.
Quote: Originally Posted by LaughingColors Hey, Just moved to DC from LA, and am looking for a good tailor. I'm in Potomac, so anywhere NW DC or close to potomac please. I"m on the shorter side and will need to get a bunch of pants tailored. thank you for your recommendations Do a search, there are a couple of threads on this already. I recommend London Tailor in Bethesda. A little on the expensive side, but they do great work, are...
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