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Quote: Originally Posted by Teger does anyone know who has the brown QR belt in 34? Didn't Mauro say at some point that he would be getting some for the Spring?
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou ^^^Thanks. I don't think there is a single MFSC piece I don't love. Pea coat is all I have, though. Back on topic- from the Inauguration Party I went to last night. Please ignore the blinding glare from my forehead +1. Very nice.
I had a F/W Rag & Bone long-sleeve raglan-sleeve sweatshirt that ran very large. Those measurements may be accurate.
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy You mean 9.5 (5), not E, right? I thought Tricker's used only numbers for the width. Yes, 9.5 (5).
How about the Polo/C&J Darltons? Personally, I can't get a good fit on the Alden Barrie last.
US 10.5D in most all my dress shoes, UK 9.5E in my Stows.
I have a slim Dries navy suit that I usually wear with black AE Tauntons. It's a great look.
I recently got a Zojirushi fuzzy-logic rice cooker with a timer. I use the porridge setting and use one part steel-cut oats to three parts water. So, so good, and you don't have to wait for it to cook. Plus, if you buy the bulk steel cut oats at Whole Foods, it ends up costing you like $0.20/bowl.
I suggest trying grass-fed. After eating it for the past couple of years, I find corn-fed beef flavorless and, frankly, a little disgusting. Plus, grass-fed is so much healthier for you. Here's a couple I've used: Lasater Lacense Or, as unjung suggests, buy a cow. It isn't hard to find a farm that offers grass-fed that will sell you one.
Omega FTW
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