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I like it as well, though depending on the price range you may be able to do better (agreed that the leather texture detracts). What is the model name and how much is it? I haven't seen it before.
I went Olive. And I'll buy one for sure if it gets made.
Quote: Originally Posted by kit99bar Do you recall which last the wingtips are on? Thank you for the PSA! Plaza, maybe? I don't remember for sure. I do remember that they are on a single leather rather than double leather sole. Quote: Originally Posted by Teger the woman who owns the store is really nice. bought my aldens from her, will be going back soon Agreed. Super helpful, non-snobby and friendly....
PSA: The Alden store in DC has black shell cordovan wingtips on sale for about $375. Decent range of sizes, mostly smaller. Also a 10.5E, I think. Not the greatest deal, but getting any Alden cordovan on sale is pretty rare. Also a pretty good selection of various shoes in the rare cordovan colors (whiskey, ravello, etc.) at full price.
Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 I'll probably go with the Large then and if it doesn't fit I'll straight up murder your ass. I own that shirt, and agree that the large should be the right size for you. It's sized like a Duke shirt (of which I have several). For reference, I am L in R&B Duke Shirt, M in EG shirts, XL or L in BoO. Fantastic shirt, btw.
Price drop.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Gross. Can't make this. I know I will be missed. If I go, I will miss you.
For sale: A lightly used pair of Allen Edmonds Fairfax in Chestnut, size 10.5D. These are on the #5 last, the same as the Park Avenue. $110 shipped. Worn only a handful of times. My photography skills aren't the greatest, but I'd rate the condition as about an 8.5/9 out of 10. Shoe trees not included. Thanks for looking!
Quote: Originally Posted by 1969 Anyone know if the 8oz denim stretches much? I'm a 34" waist but Mauro only has 32's left. Those jeans run crazy small. No way a 32" will fit you. I usually wear a 33" and the 36" fit me fine...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro I GOT IN WOOLRICH WOOLEN MILLS TODAY TAKING PICS NOW. I THINK THE BUY IS AMAZING! I shall be there to check it out this afternoon. (So nice working 5 minutes down the street from Farinelli's).
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