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Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro Holy Shit I forgot people for the sale price pick up the KMW natural indigo tee. that is a DEAL. Pulling one for myself too I grabbed one of these yesterday. Really liking it.
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete ^^^ The placket does stop above the belt, which I like because it is a nice quirk, and the side hem tends to pop up over the belt as well, which is annoying at times, but if you wear it untucked the shape of the hem is definitely an interesting feature to look at. Nice, timpoblete. I often wear it with my khaki bedford, jeans and Indy boots for a similar look. I do find the high side hems a bit...
I may have other plans, but if I don't, I'm there...
Quote: Originally Posted by Chip I love my popover in that colorway! And I dig my 19th Century BD. Great fabric.
Just wanted to chime in and add to the praise of the gray chambray shirt. I got mine today and the fit and fabric are outstanding, all at a very reasonable price. The fit is as good as any RTW shirt I own. I'm 5'10", 183 lbs and went with a L. The fit is spot on except for the sleeves, which are a bit long - a trip to the tailor will fix that. Epaulet will definitely be getting more of my business in the future.
Quote: Originally Posted by feynmix any opinions on the 8oz. button fly jean? Anyone own this piece? I am thinking of picking it up as a summer jean. It's a great weight for a summer jean. The fit didn't work for me at all, though. YMMV
I love my Iron Hearts 634s - a slimmish straight leg. Not cheap, but they will last for years. APC Rescues are also great for a lot less $$.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger the barneys here has the worst EG selection =/ what is the blue lightweight andover looking jacket, with similiar lapels but pulls to tighten the fit at the bottom? longer than the bedford/andover too Teger, which of the Coops (Georgetown or Bethesda) is carrying EG this season? I know neither of them did for the past several.
I always go for Tongol. It's much lower in mercury than albacore.
R&B shirts fit me better off the rack than any other brand I've found. I have about eight of them. Nice and slim for a 5'11" 183 lb guy like me. Not hard to find during sale time, which is when I usually get them.
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